We are New England’s #1 source for fun and safety in the water!

With over 500 divers certified each year, East Coast Divers has more experience teaching Fun and Safe Courses than anyone else.

Open Water Training

Learn to swim alongside seals, hunt for lobsters and even scavenge for scallops!

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Call the shop or stop by when you have time to sign up! Learn more here – New Diver Training

Continuing Education

See how far you can go!

Advance your training!

Choose from our many specialty programs and to go deeper, stay longer or even dive in the dark!


Train with our experts to learn safe techniques and get involved in our freediving community!

Challenge yourself

Stay longer, go deeper and get more comfortable underwater! Check out our Level 2 Freediving Course that’s coming up soon!

Come Hangout!

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Annual Picnic August 9th

Come dive, grill and eat with us at our annual Sandwich town beach BBQ! Stop by or call the shop for more information!