We have some of the best boat diving locations on the East Coast

Boat diving off the Keep-Ah by a lighthouse

We LOVE Boat Diving! Check out some of our upcoming Dives! We use some of the best dive charters in the area to offer an array of sites, vessels, conditions and prices.

Come Discover what’s in New England’s waters (Seals)! These dives are known for the high rate of seals that come to hang out with the divers! You Might even be lucky enough to pet the famed Phinneas!

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One of the most famous dives in the area the Chester Poling is always a treat. This dive is around 100 feet deep, so make sure to bring your advanced card!

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There’re loads of other dives that can be done on ledges or difficult to reach area’s of the shoreline. Most people will enjoy these dives with a Lobster bag and try to catch a couple treats along the way!

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Interested in something a little bit deeper? Hop on one of our Advanced Charters! Many people will even bring their rebreathers and do one very long dive!

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Come Scalloping with us and forage for your dinner! These will be the freshest scallops you’ve ever eaten PLUS diving in the ocean is way more fun than walking through a fish market.

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Some of the boats we charter include:

Down Under Diving Ventures with Cpt. Fran Linnehan
Cape Ann Charters aboard the Daybreaker with Cpts. Matt & Marissa Marcoux
Boston Scuba aboard the Keepah with Cpts. Jim Sullivan & Pat Breen
Canned Air with Cpt. Wayne Gordon
North Atlantic Dive Expeditions aboard the Gauntlet with Cpts. Heather Knowles and Dave Caldwell
Cape Ann Divers – multiple boats and captains

Upcoming Boat Dives