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New England diving is some of the best in the world! Divers choose New England for all sorts of reasons – including seeing vast wild life, nudibranchs and fantastic environments. Besides just the relaxation divers enjoy you’ll be able to see a multitude of fish local to New England. If you’re not interested in seeing the fish most of these sites are fantastic for catching lobsters as well.

Check out the descriptions of the different dives we offer!

Jeffery’s Ledge: 

Jeffreys Ledge is a large glacial remnant, stretching 33 miles from offshore of Rockport, MA to Cape Elizabeth, ME. On the northern edge of the sanctuary, rocky ridges on the southern edge of Jeffreys Ledge rise to within 115 feet of the surface. The shallowest portion of the ledge is comprised of piled cobble and boulders.  Anemones, stalked tunicates, and coralline algae reside on the rocks making for a colorful landscape when illuminated with a dive light.  The ledge’s piled boulders create a complex structure with many crevices for marine fishes like cusk and wolffish.

Saturday Night Ledge: 

A Deeper Dive with a near by trench, Saturday Night Ledge is loved by all. You can see all the usual nudibranchs and wildlife and might even catch some lobsters!

Normans Woe:

This dive, though accessible by land, is much nicer via charter. This dive is typically full of lobsters and beautiful geographical features. The rocks split apart and leave fissures for divers to explore. The majority of the dive takes place between  40 and 50 feet and is beautiful the full way though. The fissures also allow plenty of hiding spots for lobsters – so don’t forget to bring your lobster bag and tickle stick!

If you’re new to New England diving it’s never a bad idea to bring a guide along. Some of our customers who have many warm water dives still dive in New England with a guide because of some very important differences. New England waters temperature makes it compulsory to wear a thick wetsuit, hood and gloves and much, much more weight than warm water diving. Given these changes it’s important to bring an experienced diver or a guide along with you while you get used to the changes. If you’re interested in hiring a guide please either call or email the shop.
Charters in New England typically include two dives. Participants are expected to have their own dive gear and be comfortable in New England waters. While divers are not required to bring their own dive flags, DSMB’s are highly recommended and can be found in our online store or in our shop. If you require rental gear make sure to rent the gear as far in advance as possible (at least 2 weeks). Further more, if you are new to our shop or unsure of your wetsuit size, please take the time to come into our shop and try the gear on.

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