Advanced Charters

All of the below charters are for divers with at least an advanced certification. Some charters can be done with just and AOW cert, but others are reserved for technical divers.  The technical charters are full of rebreather and advanced decompression divers wielding multiple tanks. If you’re interested in learning more about Tech Diving and the benefits it can add you can check out our tech diving site at

Here are some of the usual Trips:

The Patriot: 

Certification level: Advanced Open Water

The Patriot is an old fishing vessel that sunk out int he Stellwagen bank Marine sanctuary. The Sanctuary is remarkably clear and visibility often exceeds 50′. The Wreck itself sits in about 100 feet of water and is typically done in decompression.

The Bass:

Certification Level: Decompression Procedures

The Bass is a US submarine that lays in about 160′ of water. This is for very advanced divers and is required to be done as a decompression dive. The Submarine Lies upright and in tact on the seabed.

Many of the scheduled Tech Dives are done as a part of a class and therefore the location is left TBD by the instructor. Even if a dive is marked for a class we allow for other Tech Divers to join in on the boat – If there’s somewhere you really want to go let us know, but in the end it’s going to be up to the instructor and captains desecration.

If you’re not yet a tech diver, but are interested in taking a class and extending your education feel free to check out our classes offered at
Tech Charters usually include a longer single dive. All divers will be required to show their proof of advanced training before getting on the charter. While divers are not required to bring their own dive flags, DSMB’s are highly recommended and can be found in our online store or in our shop. If you require rental gear make sure to rent the gear as far in advance as possible (at least 2 weeks). Further more, if you are new to our shop or unsure of your wetsuit size, please take the time to come into our shop and try the gear on.

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