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The Wreck of the U-853

Dive this fascinating and historical U-Boat with the ECDivers Crew! We will be going out with Canned Air Charters this summer to dive the wreck of U-853, a famous German UBoat sunk after the end of WWII. This is an advanced technical wreck dive, descending to almost 130ft, so please make sure that you are properly certified and prepared to participate. The charter boat will be leaving from 11 Sherman Rd. South Kingston, RI at 7am, so please make sure that you arrive at least a half hour beforehand.
German Submarine U-853 is famously known as the final German U-Boat to be sunk by the Allied forces following the end of WWII. Only days before Germany surrendered the war, U-853 targeted and torpedoed the collier Black Point during the Battle of Point Judith. American warships were quickly deployed and sank U-853 just 7 nautical miles east of Block Island, RI. The entire crew was lost. Today, the U-853 is a preserved war grave.
The U-853 is now a very popular New England tech diving site. Resting at 121 feet, the wreck is a popular deep dive for experienced scuba divers. U-853 now rests upright with her periscope rising to a depth of 100 feet (30m). Most of the 55 crew member bodies still remain within the hull, which is accessible through two main blast holes: one just past the conning tower leading into the radio room, and another in the starboard side of the engine room.

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