Project Description

We are Boston’s premier diving education center for Wreck Diving and other scuba lessons in Massachusetts and New England!

About The Course:

Wreck diving is one of the most exciting ways to dive. But exploring the outside of a shipwreck is only part of the story. Learn how to navigate dark corridors and staterooms deep inside a wreck both efficiently and safely with our Advanced Wreck Diving Course.

Our Advanced Wreck Diving Course provides training and experience to competently conduct advanced wreck dives. This program includes penetration skills and techniques. Depths shall not exceed the level in which the diver is trained and competent, but in no case shall the maximum depth in this program exceed 55 metres / 180 feet. The objective of this course is to train divers in the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards of wreck diving.

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Register and Pay

To sign up for the course please select the “Add to Cart” button in the “Buy it Here!” section. The course cost is $700 and the full schedule can be found in the schedule tab. *Note* This course only runs from May – October.
If you have questions before signing up for the course please call, email or just pop by the shop and sign up in person. Remember, if you have questions that aren’t answered by the website you can always call (617) 277-2216 or shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to help!

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Alternatively, you can call, email or sign up in person

Before Class

Note- All the paper work you’ll need, along with a what to do before class checklist is located at the bottom of this tab.

Pre-class intro and TDI Folder

Before you can start class you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. Most of this can be done ahead of time, but some of it will have to be done in the shop. The only piece that MUST be completed at the shop is a folder provided by TDI. You will need to fill this particular folder out in the shop as we keep it for our records. You can do this before class – just remember to show up 30 minutes early if you haven’t filled it out yet!


There are a couple of forms that can be done ahead of time. Most important is the medical. Go through the medical now and check to see if you need to answer “YES” to any of the questions. If so no big deal – you’ll just need to get a doctors sign off before we can let you in the water. The doctors note is in the same file as the medical – Just scroll down to the next page. Remember IF you answer “YES” to anything in the medical it is COMPULSORY to get a doctors note BEFORE getting in the water.

Online form

The Next form you will need to fill out can be found online and is strictly for our use – so we can get you signed up for the online training correctly. This page is at the bottom with the rest of the paperwork but is password protected. After paying online you will be emailed a receipt – within that same email we have included a password so you can unlock the form and signup.

Online Training

After completing the form you will get an email signing you up for online training. The online training needs to be completed BEFORE coming to class. If you don’t receive an email within 36 hours call the shop, and we’ll make sure to unlock the training for you.


TDI Medical

Scheduling a class

This is the fun part! You should have gotten a password by now that will let you schedule a class. Follow the link you were emailed to start scheduling your classes.


The Class will take place at the Shop in Brookline (213 Boylston Street). The open water sessions will be dependent on weather, but a few of the popular ones can be found in the directions page.

Private Courses

We also offer Private courses for our specialties! Our technical training programs are often run in a “mentorship style” and don’t carry any extra fees for personal scheduling. While our technical programs will not exceed an instructor to student ratio of 4 to 1 and often are 3 to 1 we do understand some students may prefer to have 1 on 1 training with their instructor. In this case, an extra $50 will be assessed per session.

Much of the process is the same as normal classes, you’ll pay in advance and fill out much of the same paperwork. We have made a slightly modified form which you can find below. You’ll be emailed the password for this form as soon as you purchase the class!

You’ll be doing all of your scheduling through Kim. She will be in contact as soon as you sign up for class to help schedule a session. If you have any questions before signing up feel free to send kim an email directly at

Book Your Class Today! 

Alternatively you can call, email or sign up in person




  • 18 Years or older.
  • Only available for certified advanced open water divers with 50 or more logged dives.
  • Clear medical history or MD sign-off if necessary.
  • Completion of the Wreck Diving specialty course, cavern diving course, or equivalent experience.
  • Student must provide their own Mask & Fins. All other equipment can be rented.
  • Drysuits recommended.
  • Must be Intro to Tech certified or equivalent experience with twin cylinders and technical foundation skills. (East Coast Divers may require a $100 “check out” dive to test into the program)

What’s Included:

  • One class session.
  • 6 – 8 dives performing wreck diving skills as needed.
  • Internationally trained / certified instructor
  • Agency approved on-line course work.
  • Performance of skills such as equipment use and configuration, line and signaling techniques, proper propulsion and dive planning as well as all the other essential safety information and more.

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