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We are Boston's premier diving education center for Rebreather Training Classes and other scuba lessons in Massachusetts and New England!

About The Course:


The CCR Air Dil Rebreather Course is the entry level program for Closed Circuit Rebreathers. Closed Circuit Rebreathers are great for photographers, technical divers, and those who just want more time under water. A rebreather is also warmer and quieter than traditional scuba gear.

Full Course Cost: $1500 + Generic Rebreather Training From TDI



Once you've paid for the program you can then register with TDI

*Note* This course only runs from May - October
To find out more about the online signup process check out the tabs above. Remember, if you get stumped or if you have questions that aren't answered by the website you can always call (617) 277-2216 or shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to help!

Before Class

Note- All the paperwork you'll need, along with a what to do before class checklist is located at the bottom of this tab.

Pre-class intro and TDI Folder

Before you can start class you'll need to fill out some paperwork. Most of this can be done ahead of time, but some of it will have to be done in the shop. The only piece that MUST be completed at the shop is a folder provided by TDI. You will need to fill this particular folder out in the shop as we keep it for our records. You can do this before class - just remember to show up 30 minutes early if you haven't filled it out yet!


There are a couple of forms that can be done ahead of time. Most important is the medical. Go through the medical now and check to see if you need to answer "YES" to any of the questions. If so no big deal - you'll just need to get a doctors' sign-off before we can let you in the pool. The doctors' note is in the same file as the medical - Just scroll down to the next page. Remember IF you answer "YES" to anything in the medical it is COMPULSORY to get a doctors' note BE

Online Training

After completing the form you will get an email signing you up for online training. The online training needs to be completed BEFORE coming to class. If you don't receive an email within 36 hours call the shop, and we'll make sure to unlock the training for you.




Since this course is semi-private you'll be working directly with the instructor to schedule your class time, pool sessions and dives. The course is typically finished with Three Classroom sessions, One Pool session and 7 Open Water Dives (minimum of 420 minutes).


The Classroom portion will be done at the shop, the Pool is held at the Brookline Pool and the open water portion will vary depending on weather and the instructor

Private Courses

This course is typically done as a partially private course already. If you're interested in taking this course and don't see it on the schedule please contact Alex, our Tech Diving director. He can be reached directly at


If you need to rent a CCR or any other gear you can do so here. We offer rental gear for anything that you don't yet have or even complete packages that can be Nitrox ready. If you need any gear besides that listed below check out the rentals page

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  • 18 Years or older
  • Must be a certified Nitrox Diver and Deep Diver (or experienced deep diver).
  • Must have a minimum of 25 dives

What's Included:

  • 3 Classroom sessions plus build, predive checks, and post dive sanitation.
  • 1 Pool Session with the CCR of choice.
  • 7 Dives on the CCR of Choice. (Minimum of 420 minutes)
  • Internationally trained / certified instructor.

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