Project Description

We are Boston’s premier diving education center for Advanced Freediving Classes and other diving lessons in Massachusetts and New England!

About The Course:


The apex of the SSI Freediving Program, Level 3, will take you to depths of 132 ft. (40 meters.) Freediving well below the residual volume of the lungs, this is the specialist deep diving course and will equip you with the proper knowledge to take you into the deep blue and beyond.

Freediving level 3 consists of classroom, pool and open water portions held over multiple days or weeks. Make sure to check the schedule and confirm you can make all the sessions before signing up!

To find out more about the online signup process click around the tabs above. Remember, if you get stumped or if you have questions that aren’t answered by the website you can always call (617) 277-2216 or shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to help!


Before Class

Note- All the paperwork you’ll need, along with a what to do before class checklist is located in the corresponding tab

Before you can start class you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. Most of this can be done ahead of time, but some of it will have to be done in the shop. The only piece that MUST be completed at the shop is a folder provided by SSI. You will need to fill this particular folder out in the shop as we keep it for our records. You can do this before class – just remember to show up 30 minutes early if you haven’t filled it out yet!

Risk Awareness Videos

There are a couple of forms that can be done ahead of time. Most important is the medical. Go through the medical now and check to see if you need to answer “YES” to any of the questions. If so no big deal – you’ll just need to get a doctors’ sign-off before we can let you in the pool. The doctors’ note is in the same file as the medical – Just scroll down to the next page. Remember IF you answer “YES” to anything in the medical it is COMPULSORY to get a doctors’ note BEFORE getting in the pool.



After completing the form you will get an email signing you up for online training. The online training needs to be completed BEFORE coming to class. If you don’t receive an email within 36 hours call the shop, and we’ll make sure to unlock the training for you.


Due to the Intensive nature of this course, it is run by appointment only. If you are interested in joining this course feel free to contact us over the phone, via email or by coming into the shop.


Level 2 freediving consists of classroom at East Coast Divers, Pool at the Walter Brown Arena and open water dives which are usually held in Gloucester or Rockport.

Private Courses

As our freediving department is still growing, and many of our instructors are seasonally available the private sessions are best set up through emailing our training director Kim. We are more than happy to offer help wherever we can and always will do our utmost to help those interested in Private courses. For more information, or if you have any questions about the private course please email Kim at

Equipment & Gear Rentals

It is best to complete Freediving Level 3 in personal gear.  We do NOT rent mask fins and snorkels so please make arrangements to bring your personal gear. If you have any questions or concerns about equipment for the class please send us an email at

*Certain gear is REQUIRED to be owned for our programs. This equipment is specifically needed for the type of diving that you will be embarking upon post certification. Please see the “Required equipment” tab for a full list of the gear you need to own. We offer a 10% discount to all of our students who purchase this equipment through us as well as our famed 60 day return policy that will ensure that you happy with everything that you buy. We appreciate your support of your local dive shop, which allows us to continue operations and offer the services that we do today****


  • Be able to swim 500m.
  • Be a Level 2 Freediver or equivalent.
  • Be certified in first aid, CPR & O2 prior to final certification.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Provide Fitted Mask, Freediving fins, Snorkel, Freediving Computer & Freediving wetsuit.
  • Must have a clear medical history (medical statement) or doctor sign off.

Pool, Class & Dives Checklist:

  • Professional Freediving Equipment.
  • Rigging Ropes and Floats for Freediving Performances.
  • Blood Shift and the Mammalian Dive Reflex.
  • Lung Squeeze and Barotraumas.
  • Mouth Fill Equalization.
  • FRC Diving.
  • Psychology of Deep Freediving.
  • Fitness Training for Freediving.
  • Nutrition.
  • Proper stretching for freediving.
  • Proper Freediving breathing.
  • Post dive recovery.
  • Black out and loss of motor control theory and safety.
  • Static apnea performance and safety.
  • Dynamic apnea performance and safety.
  • Mammalian dive reflex.
  • Student materials.
  • 1:4 instructor to student ratios.

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