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We are Boston’s premier diving education center for Night Diving Classes and other scuba lessons in Massachusetts and New England!

About The Course:


The Night Diving Course teaches standard light signals, light use, limited vis navigation and other useful tricks for night diving. Diving at night gives you the ability to see the underwater world in a very different way. Many sea creatures venture out of their holes and hiding places at night giving you a better chance to see things you wouldn’t normally see during the day. Not to mention many people love to dive after work but have to struggle to get in the water while the sun is still out. Why not just night dive! The Night Diving Course requires one class session and 2 open water dives. These can be completed as a shore dive or boat dive depending on the student requirements and weather conditions. Charter fees are not included. Night / limited visibility diving can be considered any diving condition in which limited visibility adds special skills needed to safely dive. Sign up today!

Night Diving consists of a Classroom session and two open water dives. They are typically held on the same evening. Make sure to get a lot of sleep the night before as this class usually runs late!

*Note* This course only runs from May – October.
Before you sign up, take a peek around and check out the required paperwork. You can even get a jump start on some of it! Make sure to follow the pre-class checklist and finish up all the work you can before coming to class!  Remember, if you get stumped or if you have questions that aren’t answered by the website you can always call (617) 277-2216 or shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to help!

Before Class

Note- All the paperwork you’ll need, along with a what to do before class checklist is located in the corresponding tab

Before class there is a bit of paperwork you’ll have to fill out. The most important piece is the medical, which can be printed out and brought to your first classroom session.

Risk Awareness Videos

Because this course is classroom only, it is not compulsory to get a medical filled out. It is most important


Before Class you will also have to complete some online training. The online training is going to be done through SSI on their website. Within 36 hours of filling out the preclass form you should receive a log-in and be registered for the stress and rescue online training. If you are not, please don’t hesitate to call or email the shop.


For night diving everything is done on the same day, so you just have to find the right day that we’re offering it and make sure it works for you!


The Class will take place at the Shop in Brookline (213 Boylston Street) and the open water session will be dependent on weather. A couple of the popular ones can be found in the directions page.

Private Courses

Can’t make the regular session? Schedule a Private today! Work by yourself or with a group to complete this specialty.


1 person: $300 total- $300 per person 3 People: $810 total – $270 per person
2 People: $540 total – $270 per person 4 People: $1080 total – $270 per person

Much of the process is the same as normal classes, you’ll pay in advance and fill out much of the same paperwork. We have made a slightly modified form which you can find below. You’ll be emailed the password for this form as soon as you purchase the class!

You’ll be doing all of your scheduling through Kim. She will be in contact as soon as you sign up for class to help schedule a session. If you have any questions before signing up feel free to send Kim an email directly at

Book Your Class Today! 

Alternatively, you can call, email or sign up in person



What to do before class

Equipment & Gear Rentals

The Night Diving course has an in-water portion that requires a full set of gear. If you have your own gear, we suggest making plans to carry all of that gear along with you.

*We require that students have their own specialty-specific gear for several of our courses. This equipment is necessary for the type of diving that you will be embarking upon during, and post certification. Please refer to the prerequisites section below for a list of the gear you will need to own for this course. We offer a 10% discount to all of our students who purchase the required equipment for the class through us as well as our famed 60 day return policy that will ensure that you are happy with everything that you buy. We appreciate your support of your local dive shop, which allows us to continue operations and offer the services that we do today****

If you need to rent any gear other than that listed in the prerequisites, you can do so with us below! For anything else check out the our rental page


  • Students must be 12 years or older.
  • This curse is only available for certified divers.
  • Clear medical history or MD sign-off form if necessary.
  • Student must provide their own Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Dive Lights . All other equipment can be rented.

What’s Included:

  • One class session.
  • Two Dives during Night or Dusk.
  • Internationally trained / certified instructor
  • Agency approved on-line course work.
  • Performance of skills such as equipment use and configuration, light communication, night-time navigation, and more…

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