Join East Coast Divers for 10 days of mind blowing diving in the Philippines! 

August 18th-28th 2021

Join us for 10 days of mind blowing diving in  the Philippines. Atlantis Dumaguete is the premier scuba resort on the island, with newly remodeled rooms, lush gardens, a full service spa, a relaxing pool with a waterfall, world class food, and up to 5 dives per day scheduled. With both lush, colorful coral reefs and muck diving sites with non-stop critter action a short boat ride away and a resort staff dedicated to making your trip the best it can be, your experience will be amazing both under and above water!

About The Diving:

Dumaguete is home to around 120,000 locals and has a cozy small town vibe. Dumaguete is located on the island of Negros, adjacent to Cebu Island, and is a quick flight from Manila. Most resorts and dive sites lie a few miles south of the city along the coast in an area called Dauin. Although the local sites are known mainly for macro and critter dives, a little bit of a boat ride brings you to great reefs and wide-angle subjects like large coral reefs, schools of jacks, groupers and the now famous whale sharks of Cebu.

Dumaguete is world-renowned for its muck diving and critter life but it is also home to stunning reefs and passing pelagics like barracuda, schools of jacks and turtles. Its' macro subjects include pipefish, mandarin fish,  batfish, seahorses, mantis shrimp, ribbon eels, dragonets, hairy squat lobster, snake eels, wonderpus octopus, bobtail squid, a large number of nudibranchs, blue-ring octopus, harlequin shrimp, cockatoo waspfish,  flamboyant cuttlefish and many more. Nearby Apo Island has turtles, sea snakes,  school of jacks, groupers, clownfish, lots of reef fish and spectacular coral formations. Diving in Dumaguete is suitable for all levels of divers.

Water temperatures are typically right around 80 degrees, dropping a degree or two Jan-Feb and climbing a degree or two July-August. Visibility in Dauin is typically 40-50 feet, and at Apo Island typically 60-80 feet.

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