Join East Coast Divers for a week of Freediving in the crystal clear waters of Angelita Cenote and Ka'an Luum Lagoon.

We love this place - Tulum, Quinta Roo Mexico is our Freediving haven! So we've planned 6 days of flawless, unforgettable freediving in Ka'an Luum Lagoon and Angelita Cenote. You'll freedive up to depths of 60m, train with world-renowned freediving trainers, and make lifelong friends! It's hard to keep this trip a secret for long, so snag a spot fast! We'll take it from there.

To book - booking online is easy! Click the button on the right to reserve your spot. Once you fill out your information and complete your deposit, your spot will be reserved! You may also book over the phone by calling the shop at (617) 277-2216, or just swing by the shop! If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or shoot Nick an email at

  • $1995 in total
  • 7 days total - including travel days
  • Included: Lodging and Freedive Certification Training
  • Not Included: Trip Insurance (highly recommended) and Airfare

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Perfect for all freedivers

This trip is designed for both the experienced and beginner freediver

World-Renowned training + Flawless Conditiions

Train with our best freediving instructors! Master breath holds, constant weight, free immersion, and rescue skills.

Lodging Included

Stay at our private reediving home base, just steps from the ocean

Casa Pixan, Tulum

6 Rooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Living Rooms, and a Pool for post-dive relaxing. What more could you want?

All Certifications Included

Instruction and Course Materials are provided free of charge

Freediving Levels 1, 2, & 3 Certifications

Complete your Freediving Level 1, 2, or 3 certification training here with internationally renowned SSI freediving instructors.

Ka'an Luum Lagoon and Angelita

Train at some of Mexico's most famous lagoons and underwater caves

Our Diving Locations

Ka'an Luum Lagoon, one of Mexico's most famous blue holes, boasts a natural ocan wall decending to 60m - perfect for freediving! Angelita is a mysterious underwater cave with a mesmerizing sulfur lake at 100ft.
Mares Razor Matrix Carbon Freediving Fins from East Coast Divers Freediving Team

The Diving

We will be training at two main locations: Ka'an Luum Lagoon and Angelita.

Laguna Ka'an Luum is a picturesque lagoon featuring a deep cenote in it's center. Ka'an Luum is known for its beautiful blue waters both in and around the center. The blue hole decends to depths beyond 60meters. The water contrast between the center of the lagoon and the area surrounding it makes for gorgeous shots. While crowds may be expected at the lagoon, it's size succesfully keeps it from every feeling crowded. The center of the lagoon is also closed off to swimmers, so freedivers can rejoice! No food or drink is sold in the area so it is advised to at least bring your own water to hydrate. There are bathrooms readily available.

There is one dock that jets out in to the lagoon and another wooden walkway that leads to a palapa building. If you want to sit in the shade or have a picnic, this is a good place to do it.

There are basic bathrooms. This are just for really having to go and not really good for changing.

There is no food or drinks sold here.

The Cenote Angelita (“Little Angel”) is a beautiful underwater cavern with a peculiar backstory. Tucked 17km south-west of Tulum in a lush jungle, this 200 foot flooded cave is part freshwater, part saltwater. The first 100 feet of the hole is crystal clear fresh water. At the bottom of this,  you'll discover a hazy layer of hydrogen sulfate, separating the fresh and salt water. Tops of tree branches reach up through this layer, adding to this hauntingly beautiful effect. Divers compare this to what an underwater river might look like. This phenomenon is referred to as a Halocline. Haloclines form when salt and fresh water meet, causing the salinity of the water to change drastically. They can typically be found in underwater caves by coastlines. The fresh water from the jungle layers over top of the denser salt water from the sea. Creating the "underwater river" illusion.

Getting out to Angelita Cenote is a slight hike from the road, so be prepared with a way to carry your gear. We will be practicing rescue, free immersion, and controlled weight skills here.

The Area

Tulum, Quinta Roo, Mexico is a freediving paradise. With it's luscious lagoons, perfet visibility, and flourishing marine life, it's hard to forget why we love this place so much. This carribbean coastline town is also a beautiful and cultural hub - with gorgeous beaches, Mayan ruins, and beach-side tiki bars. Tulum is also well-known for its fabulous local fare, with abundant restaurants in the area it is always east to find a good bite to eat. Jungle excursions, bike tours, boutique shopping, and grocery stores are all nearby city center.

Tulum is divided into four main tourist areas: the archaeological site, the pueblo (or town), the zona hotelera (or hotel zone) and the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka'an.

The average spring temperature at Tulum is a balmy 80 degrees farenheit. We will be visiting the area right before the rainy season begins, but showers are possible.

Coastline image of Tulum Mexico by Alexa BIlich
Pool at the Casa Pixan Tulum Mexico

The Accommodations

Casa Pixan - Tulum, Mexico

Equipped with six bedrooms, six bathrooms two kitchens, and two living rooms, Casa Pixan equals ease of living, and is all you could want after a long day of freediving. There's a private pool in the backyard, a grill for BBQ, WIFI, washer/dryer, A/C, and plenty of pool chairs. The pool deck is also BYOH (Bring Your Own Hammock - there are hooks!). Casa Pixan is urrounded by palm trees, the water front is just steps away, and with the ocean breeze, it doesn't get any better. Incredible sunrise views are available daily, right from the balcony.

*This is a Freediving training camp ONLY. Skills from the SSI levels 1 through 3 will be covered by fully certified instructors but some pool and academic sessions will need to be covered outside of the trip.

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