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About the Dive

Come ledge diving with the ECD Crew and Cape Ann Charters!

  • Dive Burnham Rock, which starts at 80ft underwater and bottoms out at 120ft
  • Dive BFW on the second dive, an awesome wall dive that descends beyond 90ft
  • Travel aboard the Daybreaker with Captains Matt and Marissa Marcoux
  • Depart from Cape Ann Marina, “J” Dock, Slip #5
  • Please arrive to begin loading at 12:30pm, we will be departing at 1pm sharp
  • Total cost for the dive is $90
Burnham rock is a beautiful rock structure with a reef wall that descends to 120ft. The floor is littered with scallops that divers can collect. Lobsters and other marine life can be seen tucked into the small crevaces of the rocks. This is a great dive for both recreational divers and those looking to dive a little deeper.
BFW (also known as Big Fantastic Wall) is a massive ledge dive descending over 70ft into the deep. A reef rests at around 30ft before the wall drops off into the depths. On a good day visibility here can be fantastic! The wall is blooming with marine life – lobsters can be caught here! You might also find scallops on the reef bed and sea floor!

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