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Come explore New England's favorite recreational wrecks with us this summer! We'll be hitting up the Chester Poling in Gloucester, The Patriot in Stallwagen Bank and the U853 in RI.

The Chester Poling is an oil tanker that sits just outside the breakwater to the Gloucester harbor. It sits in 75-90' of water and is a great introduction to NE wreck diving! Details of the wreck can be found here: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/chester-a-poling

The Patriot wreck is a steel hulled rig dragger that suddenly capsized due to instability. The Patriot sits in about 100' of water and is home to a huge variety of marine life. Visibility is generally very good due to currents in the are. Wreck details can be found here:

The U-853 was a type IXC/40 German submarine launched on March 11, 1943, and commissioned June 25 that same year. She measured 251 feet, 10 inches in length; 22 feet, 6 inches in the beam; and drew 15 feet, 4 inches. The submarine was equipped with four torpedo tubes in the bow and two in the stern. She also carried a 4.1-inch deck gun and two anti-aircraft guns.

Looking for more bottom time or deeper wrecks than our recreational offerings? If you're not yet a tech diver, but are interested in taking a class and extending your education feel free to check out our classes offered at https://ecdivers.com/classes/
All divers will be required to show their proof of advanced training before getting on the charter. If you require rental gear make sure to rent the gear as far in advance as possible (at least 2 weeks), including tanks and weights. If you are new to our shop or unsure of your wetsuit size, please take the time to come into our shop and try the gear on.
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