The Heroine & The Grecian

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Dive these two fascinating wrecks with the ECDivers Crew and Canned Air Dive Charters!

  • These are advanced wreck dives, descending to 100ft, please make sure that you bring the proper certification documents and have all the necessary gear
  • We will be meeting at 11 Sherman Rd. South Kingston, RI
  • We will be loading the boat at 6:30am and departing at 7am sharp, please plan your arrival accordingly
  • Spots on this dive will fill up fast so sign up now!
On June 18, 1920 the steam powered fishing trawler Heroine was fishing in Block Island Sound. Without warning, the trawler started to leak. Although her pumps were started in an attempt to keep up with the water rushing in, it was soon apparent that the ship was doomed. Her crew took to her lifeboats and all survived the accident.

Today the remains of the Heroine can be found in 75 feet of water and holds an abundance of marine life. She lies on her starboard side and divers can still find an anchor, boiler and condenser on the site. Average visibility ranges from 20 to 30 feet.

The Grecian left Boston with a general cargo. Bound for Baltimore on May 27, 1932 the Grecian and the City of Chattanooga crashed in a pea soup fog off Block Island. The Chattanooga's Captain reported "We were almost stopped at the time of the crash. The Grecian was going to cross our bow. She loomed up out of the fog about two minutes before the collision. We put our engines into reverse, but it was too late. The Grecian went down within only five minutes taking four of her crew to their graves.

The Grecian wreck now sits in 100 feet of water. Capt Eric Takakjian reports that the wreck is low lying. Her bow is intact and sits on its starboard side. Sand at this site moves quite a bit. This wreck can and does get covered and uncovered repeatedly depending on weather conditions. Average visibility ranges from 30 to 40 feet and their is usually little current.

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