The City of Salisbury

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Dive the City of Salisbury with East Coast Divers and Boston Scuba!

  • Trek to and from the dive site aboard the Keep’ah
  • Depart from Boston Scuba at 256 Marginal Street East Boston, MA 02128
  • Load time is at 7:30am. Please plan accordingly as we will depart at 8am sharp!
  • Cost for this dive is $100
The City of Salisbury (also known as the Zoo Ship) sank on April 22, 1938 with over $2,000,000 worth of cargo, much of which was exotic animals. On its trek to New York, the City of Salisbury was planning a stop in Boston Harbor when suddenly a thick fog settled in. The ship suddenly rammed an uncharted rock pinnacle on the outer edge of Graves ledge and eventually was split in half. The Salisbury took several days to sink. All passengers and animals aboard were saved.

The dive site begins at 20 feet and descends to 90 feet. While the wreck itself has been a victim of time, the bones of the Salisbury are still visible.

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