Chester Poling (Stern) & Paddock Rock

Sunday, May 30, 2021
Start Time:
1:00 PM

Chester Poling (Stern)

Deep Diver – 95 fsw

The stern section of the Chester Poling lies just outside the Dog Bar breakwater. On this popular wreck dive, you can explore the cracked hull of the coastal oil tanker which is upright and approximately 120 feet in length. The wreck can be penetrated by experienced divers. The site also attracts schools of fish, bottom dwellers, and various invertebrate life. The top of the deck is at 70 feet depth so it offers deep divers an opportunity to level off before starting their ascent up the moring line.

Paddock Rock

Deep Diver – 100 fsw

Paddock Rock is a submerged pinnacle 3/4 miles offshore from Graves Island in Manchester. The rock rises to 15 feet from the surface at low tide. It features an excellent 100-yard wall on the south side. The rock is divided by an east-west split. There are several shelves along the wall starting at about 45 feet. The wall bottoms out into a trench that runs along the west side of the rock at approximately 90 feet.