CCR Rebreather Diving (100feet)

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The East Coast Divers CCR Diving program provides you with the knowledge and training necessary to independently plan and conduct closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) dives to a maximum depth of 100 feet, using a CCR Total Diving System with air as diluent and CCR diving procedures, with an equally- or more-qualified dive team.

Rebreathers, otherwise known as closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR’s), used to only be for technical diving, but not anymore. Rebreathers today have sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. They are mostly standardized in their operation. Training has become more consistent and rebreather performance has become more predictable.

Why dive a rebreather?

You get longer no stop limits, reduced gas consumption, and unmatched wildlife encounters because you don’t release noisy bubbles. Your dives will also be warmer due to the exothermic reaction of the CO2 filter material. Rebreathers will unlock a world of deeper more technical diving without dramatic changes in the equipment that you need or they can be used to greatly extend shallow dives without the same stress of gas monitoring that some divers experience during open-circuit (OC) diving. A rebreather can be your one stop shop for all of the diving you do while also unlocking a whole new world of opportunities.

East Coast Divers CCR Rebreather Diving course will introduce you to the design, build and function of the rebreather of your choice and then teach you how to master it.

Before Class

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Provide proof of 24 logged open water dives
  • Basic Nitrox (up to 40%) certification
  • Deep Diving Certification
  • A closed-circuit rebreather that has CE-type approval (minimum of 1 CCR dive computer or setpoint controller)
  • A single bailout cylinder (minimum volume: 40cf but 80cf is recommended) and bailout regulator with:
    • Second stage with 3 to 6-foot hose and attached SPG
    • Low-pressure inflator hose or quick-connect compatible with the unit
    • Oxygen cleaned as required


  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Exposure suit appropriate for the environment with appropriate ballast
  • A cutting device
  • One signaling device for deploying from depth (red surface marker buoy is recommended, but follow local guidelines)
  • A reel or spool (appropriate for the maximum planned depth with a minimum of 130 feet of line)
  • One surface signaling device (whistle or similar)
  • Logbook
  • Underwater writing tool
  • Manufacturer and/or agency Pre-Dive Checklist
  • Access to an oxygen analyzer
  • Minimum of five (5) days of training
  • All academic sessions and online training.
  • CCR Diving final exam with a passing score of at least 80%.
  • Unit-specific final exam with a passing score of at least 80%.
  • Equipment configuration session.
  • Minimum of two (2) hours total of equipment maintenance workshops
  • Water Fitness Evaluation.
  • One (1) pool/confined water skill development session of 60 minutes or more.
  • Seven (7) open water training dives. (this is the average time it takes to complete this program. Any additional training needed will be at a pro-rated fee)
  • 480 minutes of in-water runtime or more on the applicable CCR unit.
  • Maximum of three (3) students per instructor

Class Forms

Below you will find links to all of our REQUIRED class forms. These forms must be completed in their entirety before participating in any ECDivers program. Arrival to class with incomplete documents will result in a forfeiture of that class date. If you have any questions or need assistance on completing the class forms please email our training department at