Ice Diving

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This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive underneath surface ice. You will learn the special requirements for diving in an overhead environment, the techniques and communication methods, and the specialized equipment used for ice diving.

The East Coast Divers Ice Diving program opens up the frozen landscapes under the ice to experienced cold water divers. This unique specialty brings a whole new set of challenges to recreational divers. For example, scuba under ice places the diver in an overhead environment typically with a single entry/exit point. Therefore, the sport requires special advanced training.

Ice diving is a team diving activity. Each dive involves line tenders, dive teams, a safety diver, and a site supervisor overseeing the operation. Ice divers are tethered with a harness and ropes to increase safety. Of course, line tenders manage the ropes from the surface maintaining a connection to the dive team. In addition, they facilitate communication with the diver using dedicated pulls. Ever vigilant, the safety diver is ready to enter the water at a moment’s notice and has a dedicated line tender.

Site Superviso

An experienced Ice Diving Site Supervisor oversees the whole operation.

Are you interested in developing the teamwork and experience to explore the crystal clear waters under the ice? Come learn how to configure your gear, prep a site, tender lines, plan, and safely execute dives under the surface of frozen lakes. Indeed, it offers divers a unique look at our underwater world. East Coast Divers has knowledgeable instructors and highly experienced partners in Central New Hampshire. In summary, the ECD team has what it takes to deliver a thrilling ice diving excursion this winter.

Before Class

Before attending your class you will need to complete some paperwork. The links to the documents are under the “Class Forms” section of this page. These forms must be completed prior to your session and contain important information.

Pay close attention to the medical form as you may also require a physician’s approval before we can let you into the water.

This class also has a helpful online training component hosted by SSI. Please complete your online training prior to your classroom session. If you have not already registered with SSI, look for an email from You can access online training materials, certification cards, and more at or the MySSI app on your iPhone or Android.

If you have any questions give us a call at the store on 617-277-2216 or shoot us an email

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Certified Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent)
  • Clean 'Diver Medical Statement' or 'Physicians Approval to Dive' signed by an MD
  • Drysuit certification and a minimum of 10 drysuit dives or equivalent experience

Divers require some specialized equipment for Ice Diving. Most importantly, high-quality exposure protection and air delivery system.

  • A drysuit with an appropriately warm undergarment is required for the duration of this course.
  • 5mm+ gloves and 7mm+ hood (Dry Gloves are recommended).
  • A sealed regulator that has user adjustable intermediate pressure (IP), ideally a cold certified diaphragm regulator. The regulator IP must be able to be adjusted down to appropriately low levels to avoid freezing and subsequent free-flows. You can rent an Aqualung Core Supreme regulator from ECD if your regulator does not support IP adjustment.
  • A full set of personal gear, including mask, fins (that fit over your drysuit), buoyancy compensator, depth gauge w/timing device or dive computer,

Ice diving specific equipment, including lines, screws, augers, and saws will be facilitated by ECD.

*Note that a backplate and wing with single-piece webbing and a crotch strap or a five-point-harness (which ECD can provide) is required to secure the tether.

Like other winter sports, personal exposure protection is required to keep you comfortable while on the surface. Therefore, bring a waterproofed jacket and pants with multiple thermal layers, a warm hat, face mask, and gloves/mittens. Packing spare dry clothing, hot hydrating beverages, and warming packs is also a good idea. Sunglasses or goggles may be needed as the light reflected off the frozen surface can be intense.

  • ECD's Customized Ice Diving training materials
  • One academic
  • Gear testing and prep
  • One pool session for line tending practice
  • Two days of ice diving and line tending experience
  • You will earn the SSI Ice Diving Specialty certification after completing this program

Class Forms

Below you will find links to REQUIRED class forms. These forms must be reviewed in their entirety before participating in any ECDivers in-water program. Arrival to class with incomplete documents may result in a forfeiture of that class date. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the class forms please email our training department at