Dan Bender

Dive Professional

  • Highest Dive Rating Held: SSI AOWI; TDI AN&DP
  • Affiliations: SSIPADISDI/TDIDAN
  • Contact/Social:

Dan Bender's Gallery:


Anita and Ralph Bender were frequent ECD customers in the ’80s and ’90s. They passed on their love of diving to their grandson, Dan. He’s been diving since 1999 in tropical waters but after getting his wife certified through ECD and seeing her kick-ass skills, he started investing in courses with Nick and Alex and got hooked. He’s been exploring the local New England waters the past few years. Dan is working on documenting the diverse New England shore diving offerings though video and multimedia resources on this site. You’ll regularly encounter Dan shore diving off Cape Ann on a weekday morning.

Favorite Dive Site:

Rafe's Chasm

Favorite Creature:

Dan favors reef builders; corals and oysters!

Favorite Certification Course:

Dan loves teaching Advanced Navigation and Equipment Techniques which combine to offer the skills needed to become a solid diver.

Goals In The Dive Industry:

Dan's mission is to advance reef preservation and restoration efforts and channel local funding and service-oriented volunteers to locations in need. As an instructor, helping divers achieve the skills and confidence to gain self-sufficiency and control drives his agenda.

Holds the following ratings:

  • Open Water Instructor
  • Nitrox Instructor
  • Night Instructor
  • Navigation Instructor
  • Advanced Open Water Instructor
  • Sidemount Instructor
  • Dive Master
  • Dive Guide
  • Snorkeling Instructor
  • Science Of Diving Instructor
  • Drysuit Instructor
  • Equipment Techniques Instructor
  • Advanced Navigation Instructor

Dive Kit:

Dan's typically found diving locally with his XTX50 Apeks sidemount setup, a Hollis Katana harness, and two low-pressure steel 50 CF tanks. He favors the Proteus 5mm suit for warm water and summer diving while a Fourth Element Argonaut Hybrid drysuit with Halo3D undergarments gets him through the colder New England months. The Hollis M3 mask fits him like a glove. In cold water, the Hollis F1 fins are his preference which he swaps for Apeks RK3s in the tropics!



You'll be able to track Dan down on guided dives with his high viz Waterproof H1 5/10 hood and Adler's old yellow HP100 tanks.