Maxwell BesserFormer Training and Rental Department Director

  • Highest Dive Rating Held: Open Water Instructor
  • Affiliations: SSIPADIDAN
  • Contact/Social:


Since birth, Max has never lived more than 15 minutes away from one ocean or another. After a classmate of his introduced him to East Coast Divers, he interned with the shop in his final semester of college. After graduating he remained with the shop working towards his Open Water Instructorship before being offered a position to take over the ECD Training and Rental department. Since taking over this role he has expanded the list of courses he can teach to cover almost all the recreational courses offered through the shop as a way of expanding his dive experience for future uses. Although he takes great pride in teaching environmentally-conscious divers to the high ECD standards, he hopes to help with diving research efforts in the future. He feels he can use the skills he has picked up at ECD to further our understanding of the still largely unexplored ocean.

Favorite Dive Site:

Local: Magnolia Rocks & Canoe Beach
International: Blue Holes and German Channel (Palau), Eagle Ray Canyon (Belize)

Favorite Creature:

Really any kind of octopus and charismatic megafauna

Favorite Certification Course:

Night & Limited Visibility

Goals In The Dive Industry:

To be able to keep teaching those interested in exploring the alien world living beneath the surface of the ocean. I also have a passion to join those performing research in tandem with labs or aquariums as a Dive Safety Office to help with as many branches of study as possible.

Holds the following ratings:

  • Open Water Instructor
  • Nitrox Instructor
  • Night Instructor
  • Navigation Instructor
  • Search & Recovery Instructor
  • Advanced Open Water Instructor
  • Stress & Rescue Instructor
  • React Right Instructor
  • Dive Master
  • Dive Guide
  • Snorkeling Instructor
  • AAUS Scientific Diver
  • Drysuit Instructor
  • Equipment Techniques Instructor
  • Advanced Navigation Instructor

Dive Kit:

Halcyon Infinity BC (w/ some dope coloring)
Aqualung Legend regulator
RK3 HD fins
Hollis Neotek Semi-Dry Suit
Garmin MK1 watch/dive computer