The Jetpack ‘travel solution’ (as my sales rep so elegantly put it) can be used not only as a carry on for all your dive gear, but also as a quick emergency set up for diving locally. The Jetpack is unique in the sense that it can hold your total diving system in a comfortable and stylish backpack. You heard me correctly, the jetpack buoyancy compensator doubles as a backpack spacious enough to fit your total diver system.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when I first heard of the J-pack I was a skeptical. I had heard some things about the Jetpack before that had really turned me off to the whole concept. After doing a little bit more research I found out that the current model is actually a second iteration of the original design and fixed a lot of the original flaws. It now dives better than ever and I even prefer it’s rudimentary design to some of the more feature-packed Buoyancy Compensators in today’s market.

One of the coolest features on the BC (in addition to the ability to pack your total diving system into a carry on) is the customization that the unit is capable of. Depending on how the unit is adjusted, it can fit anyone (very comfortably) from our 5’1 intern who weighs maybe 65 pounds soaking wet to me, a 6’1 200 plus pound dude who claims the extra weight is so I don’t get cold when I’m diving. Which is true. It’s there by design, so get off my case about it already. But seriously, this thing is out of control is surprisingly comfortable.

Alright, so I’ve gone on and on about how comfortable and awesome this unit is and I’ve talked a little bit about it’s functionality, but it’s time I put my money where my mouth is. I could go into great detail about how much stuff can actually fit into this thing, and how mind blowing it all really is, but I’ve decided to include a video that will do a much better job of it. Check out this video of a guy packing literally EVERYTHING he needs to dive in warm water into his bag.

Kind of hard to believe that something like this exists. The future is now amiright? What’s even better than this guy packing all of his warm water gear into this puppy is that I’ve pack all of my cold water gear into it as well. I use a bit of a larger fin, so those were strapped to the outside, but still. I had everything I needed ready to go for New England in a backpack!

Now that your mind is blow and I’ve buttered you up a bit, I’m going to talk a little bit about the downsides of this unit in New England. I wouldn’t dive this unit in a drysuit. The main reason is because of the weighting. The Jetpack can carry from 20 to 30lbs depending on how creative you are. For some people this is more than enough, for many, however, more is needed. There is always the option of adding extra weight pouches, but out of the box you’ll need to keep that in mind. There’s also the option of just switching to a steal tank and cutting down you weight a bit, but keep that in mind.

The next downside – and this is just me being picky– is I’m not the biggest fan of it’s inflator system. The other upside to this is they were kind enough to put a standard corrugated hose set up on there, so it’s SUPER easy to change out should you so desire. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone dives a little bit differently and everyone has their own taste so it’s very important to try out the gear – and double check my opinions before actually buying anything. Just because something works or doesn’t work for someone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research to figure out what suits your needs best.

Now that I’ve crafted the clearest picture I can about this guy I just want to reiterate the main points (also for those of you who just skipped to the end, you’re welcome). First off this fully waterproof ‘travel solution’ can fit your total diving system comfortably on as a backpack. Next it actually dives really well – no foolin’. It’s also fairly customizable and can grow or shrink depending on it’s user’s needs. I’m not about to dive it in a dry suit, but I’ll happily toss on a 7mil semi dry and dive it in New England (then toss all my gear back in the bag and wear it home as a back pack). Overall I highly recommend this BC for anyone looking for a travel BC – or even to use a bit around the New England!