When I say that I’m cold all the time I want you to imagine me going down to Mexico putting on a 7mm wetsuit and by the end of the week I was shivering drinking hot coco and imagining I was in a warmer place.  Since a 7mm wetsuit isn’t warm enough for me in Mexico you must have assumed by now that I wear a drysuit when I dive in New England’s cool waters. I’ve gone through a couple different undergarments and continuously found myself having to layer underneath my undergarment (or spending all of my hard earned cash on a thick undergarment). All of this hard work came to a halt when I discovered Scuba Force’s X-nine undergarment.

The Arctic X-nine is a seemingly thin undergarment, which through some sorcery, is able to keep me warmer than I’ve been in a long time (this is important because, remember, I dive a dry suit year round). The geniuses that made this undergarment sewed a layer of 3M Thinsulate between two separately sewn shells of TechnoStretch. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. We’re dealing with a TechnoStretch sandwich full of Thinsulate meat. If that’s not German engineering at its finest I don’t know what is. I imagine most of us are familiar with Thinsulate, but the suit’s manufacturers  describe the lesser known TechnoStretch as “amazingly warm, lightweight, supple, elastic and breathable”. I’m not sure what ‘supple’ implies, but honestly, I’m not against it.

Alright, so it keeps me warm. That much is known for sure. But more than the warmth it fits to my body like a glove. I have a very slim fitting drysuit (seems to shrink a little bit every time I wear it). I like the thin fit as it’s more streamlined and I don’t have to work as hard throughout my dive. The ever thinning drysuit, however, has made it difficult to find an undergarment that fits beneath it AND keeps my nice and toasty. Well friends this undergarment does just that. Keeps me warm, fits under my drysuit AND is flexible enough I don’t even notice a restriction when I reach over to mess with my dump valve. I give this undergarment a rating of 5/5 freshly caught lobsters.