East Coast Divers – Dive Equipment Service

East Coast Divers provides service for all parts of the scuba system. We are certified service technicians for dozens of brands as well as experienced service providers for Regulators, Cylinders, BC’s, Wetsuits, Drysuits, Masks, Fins, Dive Computers and much more. Every service we provide comes with a 1 year warranty unless otherwise noted. This means we will back up any service we have provided offering free mid-season tuning and full product support for any service we provided. Services we offer are outlined below along with benefits provided by the <strong>East Coast Divers Scuba Diving Equipment Service Department.</strong>

1 Year Warranty

And Free Mid-Season Check-ups

All service provided is guaranteed for 1 year. Receive free mid-season tune ups to keep your equipment tip top till it’s next service is due. We back up the work that we do and want our customers safe and happy.

No Rushed Service Fees

7 Day Turn Around

The majority of our service is done in less than a week. If you need it sooner we’ll do our best to finish it in time. We can often service gear same day if needed without any rush fees.

Serviced, Tested...

Then Tested Again!

After items are serviced they are rigorously tested. Then the item is hung for 24 to 48 hours to allow the seats to set. The item is then checked by another tech and finally checked a final time upon pickup.

Parts On Hand

With our active repair department, we keep over $15,000 of parts in stock at all times. This means we can service your gear and get it back to you faster than anyone! We only use high-quality replacement parts that meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

Free Local Shipping

Can't make it to the store?

Send us your gear with contact info and service requested and we’ll finish it and ship it back to you. We’ll even cover the first $10 of shipping fees! Call us for more info on shipping repairs.

The Brands We Service

Our Services

regulator-reg-icon- repair- dive equipment service

Scuba regulators are made to be robust pieces of equipment. They need to be able to work in some very hostile environment and if one were to fail every opportunity has been taken to ensure the reg fails in the open position (too much as oppose to no air). Unfortunately they are finely tuned pieces of equipment. Plus, water, especially salt water, causes a lot of wear and tear.

Here at ECDivers we overhaul regulators every day. We deal with many different brands / models and designs. We don’t unnecessarily service equipment if it doesn’t need it and we can polish a ball of corrosion that was once a first stage back to it’s shiny glory. Check out our available services below.

Performance Check

$4500Per Reg Set
  • Complete Inspection of the Following Areas:
  • Mouthpiece
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Clean Air Inlet
  • Hose Integrity
  • First Stage IP Check
  • Smooth Switch Operation
  • Second Stage Adjustment
  • Wet Test


$3500Per Stage
  • Full disassembly
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Metal Parts
  • Conditioning of Plastic Parts
  • Annual Parts Replacement
  • Assembly and Tuning

Overhaul + O2 Cleaning

$4500Per Stage
  • Full disassembly
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Metal Parts
  • Conditioning of Plastic Parts
  • Removal of all oils
  • Annual O2 compatible Parts Replacement
  • Clean Assembly and Tuning
BC BCD Scuba Dive Equipment serviceA divers BC is ultimately responsible for their positioning in the water. From descents, to neutral buoyancy, controlled ascents and positive buoyancy at the surface the BC does all the heavy lifting so to speak. Unfortunately a BC that won’t hold air or one that inflates itself can take a dive from fun to frustrating and even dangerous.

Most divers don’t service their BC’s when then do their Regulators but they should. Salt water is just as tough on your BC as it is on the rest of your gear. It’s important to make sure it can keep you safe and having fun.

BC Check and Repair

$4000per BC
  • Inflation with BC cleaner & hot water
  • Rinse through each dump valve
  • Rinse Through Inflation Valves
  • Full Desalting of BC Interior
  • BC Positive Pressure Check
dive-watch-icon Dive computer equipment service

Your dive computer is the best decompression related information you have from dive to dive. As divers we have to track our personal decompression obligations and dive computers are the most popular way to do that. Over 85% of divers use dive computers but without proper service you’re at risk of your dive computer failing in the middle of a dive trip or worse, in the middles of a dive.

Our dive computer services are based around Battery changes and function testing. There are very few adjustments that dive centers can make to any of the computers available today. Some units can be sent back for service under certain situations. Our computer services are as follows.

Standard Computer Battery Change

$1500Per Computer
  • Warranted Battery Change (60 Days)
  • Watertight Integrity Check
  • Depth Testing (wrist units only)

Suunto Watch Computer Battery Change

$6000Per Computer
  • Warranted Battery Change (60 Days)
  • Watertight Integrity Check
  • Depth Testing

Wrist Computer Depth Test

$2500Per Test
  • Simulated 10 minute dive to 100ft
  • Completed in Freshwater Environment
  • Watertight Integrity Test
scyba-cylinders-icon scuba tank equipment service

Scuba cylinders are the only piece of dive equipment that is regulated by the U.S. government. Due to DOT regulations, cylinders need to be hydrostatically inspected every 5 years and industry standards require visual cylinder inspections to happen annually.

We do all of our tank servicing in house with the exception of hydro inspections. Due to this please allow up to 4 weeks for hydros.

Visual Inspections

$1500Per Cylinder
  • External Inspection
  • Internal Inspection
  • Valve Inspection
  • Lubrication & Reassembly
  • Visual Sticker Included

Hydrostatic Inspection

$5000Per Cylinder
  • DOT Certified Hydro Test
  • Fresh Hydro Stamp
  • Visual Inspection Included
  • Please Allow 4 Weeks for Hydros

Cylinder O2 Servicing tank > 40cf

$5000Per Cylinder
  • Cylinder Tumbling
  • Hot Water & Degreasing Treatment
  • Distilled Water Rinse
  • Certified for Oxygen Service
  • Valve Servicing NOT Included
wetsuit-full-icon drysuit servicing

Wetsuits and Drysuits are subject to the same harsh conditions as the rest of your dive gear. They also wear faster due to light, dry rot and ozone. Wet suit repairs mostly involve repairing tears in the neoprene. A little neoprene cement, some nylon thread and a lot of suit glueing experience and you’ll be back up and running in 24 – 48 hours. Most zipper repairs need to be sent back to the manufacturer but some can be fixed in house.

Drysuits have a few more parts. Most seal repairs and suit patches can be done in house but some do need to be sent out for service. Any service to dry zippers, changeable seal systems or certain suit repairs must be sent out. Outsourced repairs can take up to 2 weeks or more depending on the time of year.

Wetsuit Repair

$2000per 12
  • Primary Glueing
  • Secondary Glueing
  • Nylon Stitch
  • Glue Seal Over Stitching
scuba-gauge-console-icon air nitrox trimix

At East Coast, we fill all the major gases that divers need. We offer Air fills by individual fills or in a 10 fill card. We offer Nitrox fills up to 100%. Our Nitrox system allows us to Fill cylinders up to 40% without the need to O2 clean cylinders and valves. We can also fill O2 clean cylinders with any percentage without risking contamination. Along with Nitrox we also have the ability to blend trimix. We fill any mix and have a constant stock of Helium available. We even have an inlet on our fill panel to fill off previously filled cylinders. Our mixed gas fill station also features Haskel gas boosters as well as high-pressure storage bottles allowing us to fill up to 4500psi for Scott packs and paintball cylinder.

We reserve the right to refuse fill service to any cylinder if we believe it poses a risk to our staff and facility

  • Single air fills – $10
  • 10 pack air fill – $80
  • Nitrox fill up to 40% (up to 130 cf) – $14
  • 10 Nitrox air pack- $120
  • Oxygen per CF – $.50
  • Helium per CF – $1.50