Owners / Managing Partners

Alex Dulavitz
Alex DulavitzManaging Partner
Alex is joint owner of East Coast Divers, and began diving at the age of 13. He is the lead service technician, director of technical education and part of Redbull Cliff Diving U.S. safety team.
Nick Fazah
Nick FazahManaging Partner
Nick is joint owner of East Coast Divers and began diving at the age of 13. He is the director of Freediving education as well as all of our SSI courses. He is also the lead of the Redbull Cliff Diving U.S. safety team.

Our Valuable Dive Center Team

Dan Bender
Dan BenderGeneral Manager
Anita and Ralph Bender were frequent ECD customers in the ’80s and ’90s. They passed on their love of diving to their grandson, Dan. He’s recently started exploring the local New England waters and is regularly encountered shore diving off Cape Anne on a weekday morning…
Kim Malkoski
Kim MalkoskiDirector of Training
Kim has always had a passion for the water. Her entire family are all active divers and have long participated with the local prestigious dive club, The Boston Sea Rovers. Kim was first introduced to the professional world of diving when she won the Boston Sea Rovers Intern Scholarship in 2009…
Kendra Berry
Kendra BerryDirector of Products & Accounts
Kendra got open water certified during her first year of college, because what’s the point of a marine biology degree if you’re stuck on land? Hooked on SCUBA, she began interning at ECD in 2016 to get involved in the local dive community. In 2017, she got certified as an Open Water Instructor and has been sharing her love of diving and the ocean with new divers ever since…
Kim Murray
Kim Murraydirector of Travel, Kids Program and Lead Instructor
Kim came to ECD in 2010 and quickly progressed to become one of our most active instructors. With a degree in education and many years of experience teaching children, it is no surprise that Kim is the primary instructor for our Scuba Rangers program and kid’s specialties. Even with a very active teaching schedule, Kim is always sure to leave time for fun diving, and baking treats for her dive buddies…
Warren Cohen
Warren CohenRepair Technician
Warren joined the ECD team in the fall of 2016. He has a mind for building and can fix just about anything that comes into the shop for repair. When he is not in the repair room, Warren loves technical diving, jazz music, and long walks on short piers in dive gear…
Max Besser
Max BesserAssistant Training Director
After spending years by or on an ocean, Max gained his open water diver certification at the age of 13 and has continued diving since. He attended Northeastern University, where he graduated with a BS in Marine Ecology. During his time there he volunteered to study reef health and fish populations from Caye Caulker, Belize and became certified as an AAUS scientific diver while a student in the Professional Master’s program known as Three Seas…

Our Valuable Team of Dive Professionals

Jake Basile
Jake BasileInstructor
Jake has been diving since 2014. Despite the recent start, Jake has earned his instructor certification with an impressive commitment to local diving. He is in the water significantly more than not. Jake’s diving interests including lobstering, scalloping and wreck diving.
Patrick Daniels
Patrick DanielsDiveCon Instructor / Public Safety Director
Patrick originally was certified as a scuba instructor by Alex and Nick in 2008 at the International Diving Career Institute at Hall’s. Before that he was a skilled tradesman and his attention to detail shows through in his instructional techniques. Pat now directs the Public Safety division of ECD.
Tom Gaitley
Tom GaitleyDive Control Specialist Instructor
Tom’s been teaching diving since the 80’s and taught for East Coast Divers back then! Now that Tom’s daughter Kate is a dive professional (and also works with us) Tom has gotten back in his fins and has been teaching classes with us again since 2011. He loves working with new divers and has a passion for photography both above and below the water.
Aleksey Averin
Aleksey AverinDive Control Specialist Instructor
Aleksey loves to work with students. No instructor spent more time teaching in both 2013 and 2014 than Aleksey. When he’s not teaching you’ll probably find him working on his Hollis Prism 2 rebreather or researching a new deep wreck he’ll be diving on soon.
Tony Rufo
Tony RufoScuba Instructor
Tony has been teaching scuba for almost 5 years and in that time he hasn’t gone more than a couple weeks without teaching a session in the pool or tutoring students in class sessions. Tony Loves to teach scuba especially knowing that he can help develop someones else’s love of the sport.
Eric Rosenkrantz
Eric RosenkrantzScuba Instructor
Eric is one of our primary instructors. Not only does he compete for the most teaching hours each year he is also one of our best instructors. Eric always has a fun relaxed attitude that other divers love to be around. He is always excited to be teaching new students skills and take them on dives.
Barrett Franklin
Barrett FranklinScuba Instructor
Barrett loves sharing diving with everyone he meets. From vast reefs in the Maldives to wreck diving in the St. Lawrence seaway. Barrett finds the thrill of sharing a diving adventure with friends one of the best parts of the sport. His passion comes through in every student he trains.
Suzanne de Boer
Suzanne de BoerScuba Instructor
Suzanne hails from the Netherlands and started diving in 2007. She took her Open Water in Egypt (the Netherlands was too cold). In 2009, Suus moved to Curacao and became a dive instructor. While living in Curacao, Suus met her husband at the dive shop and in 2012 they moved to Arizona. In 2016 they moved to Boston where Suus was excited to get back into diving. She is now one of our most active instructors!
Kate Gaitley
Kate GaitleyProduct Specialist / Instructor
Kate interned at East Coast Divers and obtained her Dive Guide certification with us in 2014. We think she spent more time under the water during her internship than above. In her heart, she is a cold-water, New England diver but will admit to enjoying diving the warm waters of the Caribbean.
Andrew Novikov
Andrew NovikovScuba Instructor
Andrew began diving in 2009 while on vacation in Mexico. First thing he did after returning to Boston was signing up for the open water course at the local dive shop. Since then he dove off the shores of all continents except Antarctica, in caves of Mayan Riviera, and under ice of Lake Winnipesaukee in New England.
Steve Nace
Steve NaceScuba Instructor
Steve has been a dive enthusiast and instructor for years. The best part for Steve is to have the ability to take all the tips and techniques he’s learned over the years and pass them on to his students to make them great divers right off the bat.
Doug Graham
Doug GrahamScuba Instructor
Doug Graham has been diving for almost a decade. He first caught the diving bug while on vacation in the Carribean but after moving to Boston about 6 years ago he fell in love with the New England waters.