Who I Am

Andrew began diving in 2009 while on vacation in Mexico. First thing he did after returning to Boston was signing up for the open water course at the local dive shop. Since then he dove off the shores of all continents except Antarctica, in caves of Mayan Riviera, and under ice of Lake Winnipesaukee in New England.

In 2013 Andrew started his dive professional career with East Coast Divers where he now teaches open water diving programs. Among his favorite dive destinations (besides New England of course) are the Coral Sea in Australia and Mexican Cenotes. He is fascinated by sharks and has a special interest in technical diving. He holds M.S. in Applied Mathematics and works in a financial risk management firm. When seas are too rough to dive he also works as a flight and ground instructor at a local flight school and volunteers as a transport mission pilot for US Air Force Civil Air Patrol.

My Skills

  • SSI Open Water Instructor