Who I Am

Anita and Ralph Bender were frequent ECD customers in the ’80s and ’90s. They passed on their love of diving to their grandson, Dan. He’s recently started exploring the local New England waters and is regularly encountered shore diving off Cape Anne on a weekday morning. Dan’s interested in all facets of the sport from freediving to tech and is passionate about teaching the community to experience the wonders of the natural world. Ask him about why he keeps going down to Bonaire each January.

Dan started at ECD as an intern but quickly proved himself to be one of the most driven and passionate people in the store. Management found him to be so indespensible they brought him on to fill gaps as needed which Dan is a master of. Since the beginning of his tenure Dan has worked in nearly every corner of the facility from helping manage the instruction department to the products and accounts to the sales floor and internship. Dan has become a master of the almost all areas of the dive center and now aptly operate as the facilities general manager.

My Skills

  • SSI Dive Guide Specialist Instructor
  • Facility General Manager
  • Director Of Sales and Internship