Who I Am

Doug Graham has been diving for almost a decade. He first caught the diving bug while on vacation in the Carribean but after moving to Boston about 6 years ago he fell in love with the New England waters. When he’s not teaching, Doug likes to strap on multiple tanks and practice some technical diving. Over the years he’s mastered doubles, side-mount, advance nitrox and decompression procedures and if you’re luck you might catch him sounding like a Scottish Donald Duck after inhaling some of the helium from his trimix.

When he’s not diving, he spends his daytime hours battling cyber-criminals and hackers in his information security career, but his real passion is teaching Scuba. As well as being an SSI Open Water Instructor, he’s also certified as an instructor with the Handicapped Scuba Association. Doug loves working with all types of students and seeing people develop their skills and a love for the sport of diving.

My Skills

  • SSI Open Water Instructor
  • SSI Perfect Buoyancy Instrutor
  • SSI Dive Guide Instructors
  • SSI Nitrox Instructor
  • SSI Stress and Rescue Instructor