Who I Am

Kendra got open water certified during her first year of college, because what’s the point of a marine biology degree if you’re stuck on land? Hooked on SCUBA, she began interning at ECD in 2016 to get involved in the local dive community. In 2017, she got certified as an Open Water Instructor, and has been sharing her love of diving and the ocean with new divers ever since. Kendra also comes complete with her canine companion Burton. Burton has taken role as the current resident shop dog. Please feel free to pet Burton but also make sure to keep the doors closed at the shop or he’ll take himself for a walk.

Kendra now runs all of the shop operations including inventory, ordering and account management. She has a flair for organization and keeps the shop under control even inside the total chaos that can erupt at times. Kendra is our rock and an integral part of both our facility and training teams.

My Skills

  • SSI Dive Guide Specialist Instructor
  • PADI Instructor
  • Facility Product and Accounts Manager