Once you’ve found a mask that fits well (For more info learn how to fit a scuba or snorkeling mask) it’s time to start thinking about the features we want in a mask. There are plenty of things to consider when looking at the features of a mask. Looking at the materials the skirt is made of, the type of glass and any special treatment that has occurred and even the shape of the mask just scratch the surface of what we need to keep in mind. Local expert and avid dive Nick Fazah tells us more of what to look for in a masks features.

Depending on the type of diving you’re doing, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Above all else you need to make sure you get a mask that will align with they type of underwater activity you’re doing.  Different styles of masks are better suited for different types of diving – if you’re going to be diving a lot make sure you know what type of diving you’ll be doing the most of. A high quality mask is meant to last for years so don’t be afraid to ask questions and spend your time finding the right mask.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Think about the type of diving you’re going to do and what features could be beneficial before deciding on a mask
  2.  Softer silicone will typically be more comfortable if you’re doing longer dives or multiple dives in a day
  3.  Low volume masks are a great option for freedivers and some scuba divers
  4. Dark skirts can help prevent ambient light from distracting a photographer, but can be claustrophobic for some divers

To help give you an idea of other masks you can check out some of our favorites online!

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