Mike LydonDive Guide

  • Highest Dive Rating Held: DiveMaster
  • Affiliations: SSISDI/TDIDANTRP
  • Contact/Social:


Born and raised in Brighton I have been diving since 2015 and I also serve as a Boston Firefighter.

Favorite Dive Site:

Norman’s woe

Favorite Creature:

Anything new I haven’t encountered before

Favorite Certification Course:

Stress and Rescue

Goals In The Dive Industry:

OW instructor

Holds the following ratings:

  • Divemaster (DM)
  • Dive Guide
  • Snorkeling Instructor
  • Master

Dive Kit:

Santi drysuit
Henderson 7mm
Steel 100’s
Halcyon backplate and wing
Aqualung legend DIN reg