Scuba Certification Part 1
(Pool & Classroom)

Ready to take the plunge into the world of SCUBA?! Get started here.

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scuba classes and instruction

Dive Instruction

Nitrox Diving
(up to 40% O2)

Nitrox is a mix of Oxygen and Nitrogen that is different than what is in air. Typically the difference is that there is more Oxygen in the Nitrox that divers use resulting in less Nitrogen.

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Equipment Techniques

Don’t lose a dive to basic equipment failures. Learn how to perform field repairs on fins, masks, bc’s, regulators and tanks.

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Drysuit Diving

New England can have long, cold winters, but our drysuit divers can dive year-round and stay toasty warm. This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive while using a drysuit.

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Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica dive and volcano adventure trip includes both diving on the Pacific coast and a visit to the famous Arenal volcano. Costa Rica’s underwater volcanic pinnacles are teeming with marine life including pelagic mantas and sharks, frogfish, sea horses, turtles, snapper and tuna. Schooling fish are found at every dive site. After three

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scuba equipment

Dive Shop

Our Team

We take pride in our experienced staff. From technical divers to photographers to instructors, we work with the best in the business.

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Equipment Service

From regulators to tanks, we service it all. Learn more about our 1-year/100-dive service warranty.

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Equipment Rental

We offer a wide variety of rentals here at East Coast Divers. The rental department maintains a fleet of high-quality regulators, Backplate and Wing style BCs, and dive computers ready to pack for your travel needs.

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Let's Go Diving!

dive Massachusetts with ECD Upcoming Dives

1 Jan2021
New Year’s Day Dive

Celebrate with a dive this New Year’s Day! Start the New Year off right by joining some of ECD’s winter divers for a brisk dip at one of our favorite sites! The dive will be slated for an 0900 start at Nubble Light (weather permitting). If the wind is blowing hard (or out of the

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ECD social calendar Events

2 Oct2021
Boston Sea Rovers

The Boston Sea Rovers is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the underwater world. Started in 1954 as a means of educating the public on how to safely use scuba, our yearly show has evolved into a world-renown three-day event that draws attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world.

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