Equipment Rental

We offer a wide variety of rentals here at East Coast Divers. The rental department maintains a fleet of high-quality regulators, Backplate and Wing style BCs, and dive computers ready to pack for your travel needs. Exposure suits are geared towards the local divers, we stock a full run of 7mm wetsuits and hooded vests as well as high-quality drysuits along with undergarments, gloves, and hoods. Steel tanks with great buoyancy characteristics and inexpensive aluminum tanks are stocked in a variety of capacities.  Pony bottles with regulators can be rented for deep dives. The shop also maintains complete back mount doubles sets, stages, and sidemount harnesses, cylinders and regs that can be rented by current and past participants in ECD's Technical courses. Diving accessories including flags, compasses, and SMBs can also be rented. Rebreathers and freediving gear may be available upon request.

Masks Fins and Snorkels Policy

We generally do not rent masks, fins, and snorkels. These are personal fit items that should be carefully selected for the diver or snorkeler. The East Coast Divers shop stocks masks in different shapes, styles, and price points and our product specialists can assist you in finding the perfect selection. Click here to schedule an appointment for a personalized fitting.

Booking Fees and Cancellation Policy

Rental payment is required at the time of booking in order to complete your reservation but you can receive a full refund if you contact someone at the shop and cancel your booking with at least 48 hours notice so the gear can be freed up for another customer.

Before you Rent

Deals and Student discounts can be found at the bottom of the page! We also offer a great opportunity for divers who typically rent to get into their own brand new gear through ECD's popular Rent to Own program. Make sure to open up a rent-to-own package sooner than later so you don't miss out on the opportunity to credit your future rental fees towards your own gear!

If this is your first time renting gear from us or it’s been a while since you’ve been in the water please come into the shop and try the gear on before using the online booking. If gear doesn’t fit when you arrive in the shop we will try our best to find something else, but during the summer months, our gear gets rented out very quickly.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 617-277-2216 or at


Equipment & Package Pricing


New England Wetsuit Diver Pack (Steel Tank(s))

2 Tanks – $120 per 1 day rental | Add Day +$60* | Late Fee $15

1 Tank – $90 per 1 day rental | Add Day +$45* | Late Fee $15

Includes BC, Wetsuit (7mm), Hooded Vest (varying thickness), Gloves, Regulator set up (1st stage, 2nd stage, SPG, Octo, inflator hose),  Dive Computer, Steel Tank(s), Weight Bag

*Added day includes air fills

2 Tanks- $100 per 1 day rental | Add Day +50* | Late Fee $15

1 Tank – $80 per 1 day rental | Add Day +40* | Late Fee $15

Includes BC, Wetsuit (7mm), Hooded Vest (varying thickness), Gloves, Regulator set up (1st stage, 2nd stage, SPG, Octo, inflator hose),  Dive Computer, Aluminum Tank(s), Weight Bag

*Added day includes air fills

$150 per package per day  |$ 600 per Package per Week | $20 late fee

Includes Drysuit, Undergarment, Socks, Boots, BC, Regulator set up, Dive Computer, 2x Steel tanks, Hood, Gloves, Weight Bag

$75 per Package per Day | $450 per Package per Week | $15 Late fee

Includes Dry Suit, Undergarment, Socks, Boots extra inflator hose if necessary

Air – $30 per Tank per Day | $120 Per Tank Per Week| $15 late fee

Nitrox (up to 40%) – 34$ per Tank per Day | $15 late fee

Sizes available – 65cf, 80cf, 100cf, 119cf, 120cf, 130cf

Air – $20 per Tank per  Day | $100 Per Tank Per Week |$15 late fee | Nitrox (up to 40%) – 24$ per Tank per Day | $15 late fee

Sizes available – 50cf, 64cf, 80cf

Regulator set $40 per day | $80 per weekBC $25 per Day | $70 per week
SMB $10 per Day | $50 per WeekWeight Bag $10 per Day | $50 per Week
Wetsuits $20 per Day | $70 per WeekHoods $10 per Day | $50 per Week
Dive flag set $10 per Day | $50 per WeekStage reg + Pony $50 per Day | $100 per Week
Gloves $10 per Day | $50 per Week Dive Computer $20 per Day | $70 per Week


Rent your Gear Here

Important! Only reserve Gear for the DAY you will be DIVING. You can pick up your gear the afternoon before your rental begins if necessary

Using the booking tool

  1. Start by selecting the Start Date of your booking
  2. Selecting the category of gear you wish to rent
  3. Pick an availible package or class of gear and then click 'Book Now' button
  4. Select the End Date for your reservation.
  5. Apply any 'Apply Promo' button before you press 'Continue' button
  6. On the following screen select the specific gear or package items.
  7. Note that you can click 'Add to Booking' button (at the top of the booking tool) to add additional items to your rental booking
  8. Enter your profile info (or Log In)
  9. Press 'Continue' button proceed to the payment page and complete your reservation
  10. Once paid, your gear should be packed and ready for testing and pickup the day before your reservation begins!

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Rental Specials

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Traveller Special!


Book a 'Traveler Special' Gear Package (Reg, Dive Computer, and BC) for any 10-day window and receive a flat rate of $175.