The East Coast Divers Shop

The East Coast Divers’ mission is to support the New England Dive Community with expert knowledge, service, and community development. Though the COVID-19 crisis has limited our retail business, we now offer safe and convenient in-person appointments for support in the following areas:

To schedule time with a product specialist, reserve a time to rent gear, or schedule service, click to book an appointment.

Why it is worth your time to buy gear at a local shop?

We live in an age where online shopping is the norm. Brands often offer deep discounts to consumers who shop at big corporate outfitters. Of course, it can be tempting to order dive gear from a cheap online supplier. However, purchasing gear through East Coast Divers will offer some key advantages!

  1. Satisfaction. All purchases made through ECD are backed by an industry leading 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers are happy with the gear they purchase through the shop.
  2. Service. Dive gear requires regular maintenance. Gear you purchase though ECD will be able to be serviced by the shop indefinitely. Occasionally, gear purchased online will be difficult to maintain locally. You may wind up having to pay for 2-way shipping in order to get it serviced by a reputable shop. This could lead to delayed maintenance issues increasing your risk and putting more strain on the gear.   
  3. Experience. The ECD team actively works with suppliers to ensure that the gear we stock will work in the environments we dive. The team has extensive experience with everything from deep technical dives and cave expeditions, to tropical shore dives and liveaboards. Without a doubt, we can save you both money and frustration by helping guide you towards the right purchase for your needs while steering you away from equipment that looks good on paper (or an online store) but doesn’t hold up in the field.
  4. Price. Although ECD cannot match every online discount, we will always do our best to match online offers. For best results, please make sure to provide a copy of the offer to the store staff when requesting a price match.


If you’re interested in making diving more than a hobby and are considering becoming a professional, consider our ECD Internship Program. The internship will help you become a solid local dive guide. We focus on practical knowledge development and honing skills and expertise via real-world experience.

Directions To Our Store & More

Our newly-renovated dive shop is conveniently located just outside Boston’s western border at 213 Boylston Street (on RT 9 westbound) in Brookline, MA.

For directions to the shop or training sites, please visit our directions page.

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