Our Team

Owner/Managing Partner

Alex Dulavitz

Alex is a joint owner of East Coast Divers and began diving at the age of 13. He is the lead service technician, director of technical education and part of the Redbull Cliff Diving U.S. safety team. Alex has been teaching technical diving since 2006. His technical diving career started in the Florida Keys. Most

Nick Fazah

Nick is the joint owner of East Coast Divers and began diving at the age of 13. He is the director of Freediving education as well as all of our SSI courses. He is also the leader of the Redbull Cliff Diving U.S. safety team. Nick began freediving in the Florida Keys around 2004. While

Dive Center Staff

Maxwell Besser

Since birth, Max has never lived more than 15 minutes away from one ocean or another. After a classmate of his introduced him to East Coast Divers, he interned with the shop in his final semester of college. After graduating he remained with the shop working towards his Open Water Instructorship before being offered a

Mitch Gaines

Mitch was born and raised in Texas along the Gulf Coast to parents that had an affinity for sailing. At 11 years old, Mitch was certified to dive after his parents really wanted to start going on dive trips again. Once Mitch moved up to Massachusetts to study Robotics Engineering at WPI, he started interning

Rachel Jiang

Rachel is a Boston University graduate with a degree in Marine Science. She has loved being in the water from a very young age and has enjoyed studying marine life for just as long! She has done research in coral restoration, cephalopod chromatophore expansion, and much more! When she’s not at the shop, you can

Fritz McGirr

Fritz currently rotates between ECD and the New England Aquarium while trying to be in the ocean at every other possible opportunity. Always up for chatting about diving, food, and vacations!

Warren Cohen

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Warren has always had a passion for the water; be it swimming, skating, or snowboarding. Following a study abroad program in Australia, Warren moved to Boston to search for ways to supplement this passion. He found this through a position as a technical intern in the fall of 2016. Soon thereafter,

Kim Murray

Kim came to ECD in 2010 as an already experienced diver intent on becoming a dive professional. After achieving her divemaster and dive control specialist ratings and leading shore dives and teaching in the pool for a few years, Kim moved to Cozumel, Mexico (where she had done her certification dives) for a stint working

Dive Professional

Gaby Carpenter

I am a Southern California native and learned to dive in the kelp forests of the Pacific. Since moving to Boston, I have fallen in love with even colder water diving. I recently received my Master’s in Marine Biology and hope to continue to use scuba diving to conduct research as well as teach new

Allie Cole

Allie (She/Her) has always loved all things ocean-related, enough to become a certified marine biologist! She is a senior in Boston University’s Marine Science program and works in Randi Rotjan’s Marine Ecology Lab studying the effects of climate change on larval fish. Allie got her diving certification at the end of 2018 with ECD and

Max Konig

I have been teaching since 2012 and used to work at ECD running the professional development programs as well as technical classes. I also led several trips. I currently work as a dive instructor on the liveaboard Juliet Sailing and Diving

Mike Lydon

Born and raised in Brighton I have been diving since 2015 and I also serve as a Boston Firefighter.

Raziel Perez

Raziel Perez (he/him/his) is an undergraduate senior at Boston University, majoring in Marine Science. Originally from Miami, Fl. He relocated to Boston in 2016, where he volunteered at the New England Aquarium as an Aquarist and penguin volunteer. He is an SSI Dive Guide and is currently working towards becoming a scuba instructor. He plans

Dan Bender

Anita and Ralph Bender were frequent ECD customers in the ’80s and ’90s. They passed on their love of diving to their grandson, Dan. He’s been diving since 1999 in tropical waters but after getting his wife certified through ECD and seeing her kick-ass skills, he started investing in courses with Nick and Alex and

David Armas

In my entire diving career, I’ve only dived a handful of dives in warm ocean water. I was “raised” in the Florida caves, did my ITC in a surprisingly cold lake in Miami, instructed briefly in southern Portugal (where the water is just like Boston), then moved to Boston. Since when, aside from a few

Barrett Franklin

Barrett has been diving with East Coast Divers since he first started diving in 2010. Logging nearly 100 dives in his first year as a certified diver. Barrett quickly climbed through the ranks, adding specialties and additional instruction as he worked towards his instructor certification. His attention to detail and systematic through process have allowed

David Matthews

I’ve been diving since 2011, and an instructor since 2016. All that time underwater helped drive my passion for marine life, and helped guide me to my day job as a grad student studying how fish swim.

Lisa Hollis

Lisa grew up in land-locked Colorado but always had an admiration for and fascination with the ocean. She began diving in 2006 while living in Bermuda, eventually earning her Open Water Instructor certification with the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). Lisa moved to the Boston area in 2013 and had to learn how to dive

Tony Rufo

Tony was first certified in 1973 by the Navy. After that initial certification he took his first recreational course in 1978 with the YMCA. Over the following years Tony worked his way up to Instructor, all in the NE waters. With over 2000 dives Tony has an incredible passion for diving that he loves to

Kate Cialdea

After many months of debating a Christmas gift for her husband, Kate signed herself and her husband (hi James!) up for open water certification classes at East Coast Divers in 2015. They’ve been part of the crew ever since. Over the last few years she has enjoyed many trips abroad with ECD and has worked

Tom Gaitley

Tom began diving at age 8 when he unwisely connected a garden hose to his hobby air brush compressor so he could lay on the bottom of his family pool and sleep. Surviving that dangerous little bit of stupidity, he received his official open water diver certification in 1985 and became an Instructor for ECD

Suzanne McCormick-de Boer

Suzanne hails from the Netherlands and started diving in 2007. She took her Open Water in Egypt (the Netherlands was too cold). In 2009, Suus moved to Curacao and became a dive instructor. While living in Curacao, Suus met her husband at the dive shop and in 2012 they moved to Arizona. In 2016 they

Kim Malkoski

Kim’s experience with the ocean began early with trips to the beach and aquariums, boat trips with her family and getting scuba certified at the age of 13.  She was named the 2008 Boston Sea Rover Frank Scalli Intern, and currently resides as the Vice President of the Boston Sea Rovers. She received her BS