Rent to Own

Rent, Dive, Own Your Gear!

Diving can be an expensive hobby and gear ownership can be a challenge, especially for new divers. Many folks wind up compromising quality when they invest in an initial gear package that is cheaply made. This does not need to be the case! East Coast Divers believes you will be a happier and safer diver in high-quality gear that you are properly fitted to. Improved gear performance comes from your familiarity with and proper maintenance of a total diving system. In order to support both new divers and those looking for an upgrade, we offer a much-loved rent to own program.

A popular gear bundle including the high-quality Atomic ST1 Regset, Halcyon Infinity Eclipse Backplate & Wing, paired with an Oceanic Proplus X dive computer

Divers put together their optimized gear package; this could be, for example, a Reg, BC, and Computer bundle (like the one pictured) or a drysuit and undergarment setup to extend your dive season! The shop staff will itemize your gear package on layaway. To open the RTO, simply make a 50% down payment in the system. Subsequently, each time you rent ANY gear from the shop, the rental fees can be applied towards your layaway.* Once the layaway is paid off, the gear can be picked up (if in stock) or ordered in (if out of stock). Substitutions may be necessary when suppliers update their offerings and you retain the flexibility to change out the items in your layaway as your tastes change and you gain more experience.**

Program Requirements

  • The gear package must total ≥ $1500 worth of gear
  • ½ of the price of the gear package is due as a down payment
  • Down payments are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • You may customize your gear package in any way you want
  • There is no time limit to pay off an RTO
  • Each time you rent from ECD, 100% of the fees can be applied towards your RTO*

*Rent to Own deposits cannot be applied after the fact. You must notify the ECD staff person that you wish to apply an RTO deposit each time you rent gear to ensure that the payment is processed correctly.

**Substitutions must not bring the total value of the layaway below the $1500 limit.