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ECD refreshes its Rental Fleet every two years or so. Customers can take advantage of huge savings on some well maintained equipment from the fleet when it’s time to re-up.

With a whole new stock of Backplate and Wings and brand new Regsets for our training program, we’re clearing out the following items:

Backplate and Wing Sets

Featuring the adjustable Hollis Elite 2 Harness System (in three sizes), Highland black-anodized aluminum backplates & 38lb Wings, custom Engineered XS Scuba side-slide weight pockets, and proudly adorned with Philip (the ECD logo) epaulettes, these wings changed the game when it came to instruction at ECD. Divers will find the ergonomics of a backplate in the water outstanding vs a traditional BCD. With 100% replaceable parts these systems are built to be maintained for decades of diving pleasure. Complete setups from $505


Aqualung Core Regsets

The workhorse of the ECD rental fleet for a decade, the Core and Core Supreme offer a dependable and rugged life support system with outstanding work of breathing even at depth. The balanced diaphragm first stages allow for precise tuning of the intermediate pressure so you can quickly dial it in with the twist of a wrench for high performance in warm or cold water conditions. These regs come equipment with easy-to-use and reliable ABS octo which breaths dry whichever way you position it – perfect for air-sharing during an emergency situation. They also feature low profile Apeks submersible pressure gauges. All from $495!


Buy the complete package, Backplate & Wing with Core Regset from $900!




The ECD team has been transitioning to DIN regs for training and is replacing a number of cylinders with yoke-only valves. Chose from painted 50’s and 63’s, and even the odd 53 or 67CF tank. The team is also unloading a few surplus Faber steel 71s with excellent buoyancy characteristics and a pair of Genesis Spun Steel 120s for the deep diver!