Freediving Level 1 Part 1
(pool & classroom)

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Once you book your course, our team will register you for class materials. You will receive an email with a link to your materials from the agency (SSI or SDI/TDI). Our training team can be reached at if you have any questions about the course.

This Freediving Level 1 program provides you with the training and knowledge required to safely freedive with a buddy in open water environments to depths of 20 meters. Freediving Level 1 class is broken down into 2 parts. This program covers the first part of the course, Freediving Level 1 Pool & Class

For full level 1 certification, you will need to complete the second part of the course, Level 1 Open Water Dives. The dives run in the mornings of the second 2 Sunday classes for the level 1 pool programs that run through the Spring Summer or Fall. These dives can be completed as part of the course you are signed up for or months later if you completed the Level 1 Pool program during the winter.

‘Freediving connects us with our breath, our life and the world that nourishes us. It enables us to touch our history, our soul, and feel peace on a profound level’ – Emma Farrell

The team at ECD loves to share the experience that Emma so beautifully describes. Freediving is one of the fastest-growing factions of diving and its roots go deep into the history books. Allow yourself a new experience and see if you can discover a whole new part of yourself with the professional guidance of the East Coast Divers Freediving Coaching Team.

Before Class

Before attending your class you will need to complete some paperwork. The links to the documents are under the required forms section of this page. These forms must be completed prior to your session and contain important information.

Pay close attention to the medical form as you may also require a physician’s approval before we can let you into the water.

This class also has a helpful online training component hosted by SSI. Please complete your online training prior to your classroom session. If you have not already registered with SSI, look for an email from You can access online training materials, certification cards, and more at or the MySSI app on your iPhone or Android.

Click here to register:SSI - Scuba Schools International - - Register Now

If you have any questions give us a call at the store on 617-277-2216 or shoot us an email

  • Be able to swim 200 yards.
  • Be able to tread water for 10 minutes.
  • Be at least 10 years of age.
  • Provide a fitted mask, fins, and snorkel.
  • Must have a clear medical history (medical statement) or doctor sign off.

Miss the chance to jump into an existing class? Grab a couple of friends and sign up for a private course!

Much of the process is the same as normal classes, you’ll pay in advance and fill out much of the same paperwork. We have made a slightly modified form which you can find below. You’ll be emailed the password for this form as soon as you purchase the class!

You’ll be doing all of your scheduling through the ECD Training Team. They will be in contact as soon as you sign up for the class to help schedule a session. If you have any questions before signing up feel free to send an email to Please contact us for pricing and sign-up information.

A well-fitted mask, fins, and snorkel are required. Freediving Level 1 has an open ocean portion of it, for the ocean, you’ll want to look into getting a wetsuit as well.

It is best to complete the freediving course in dedicated freediving gear. As you will learn in your first class session there are fins, masks, and snorkels designed to give freedivers the least amount of drag and make them extremely efficient in the water. If you are curious about what gear is the best fit for you, feel free to swing by the shop to chat with one of the staff members, or ask your freediving instructor, either will be more than happy to talk through the options with you and provide a gear fitting session. We recommend setting up an appointment for your fitting here: Book an Appointment


*We offer a 10% discount to all of our students who purchase this equipment through us as well as our famed 60 day return policy that will ensure that you are happy with everything that you buy. We appreciate your support of your local dive shop, which allows us to continue operations and offer the services that we do today

  • SSI digital materials including MySSI online training
  • Freediving knowledge developed over the course of three Zoom sessions
    • Physiology
    • Equipment
    • Nutrition
    • Proper stretching for freediving
    • Proper breathing
    • Post dive recovery
  • Freediving skills developed over three pool sessions
    • Blackout (BO) and loss of motor control (LMC) theory and safety
    • Static apnea performance and safety
    • Dynamic apnea performance and safety
    • Constant ballast performance and safety
  • 1:6 instructor to student ratios.
  • After completion of the classroom and pool portions of the Level 1 Freediving course, you will receive the SSI Pool Freediving digital certification and card.
  • You will be upgraded to the SSI Level 1 Freediving certification after completing the Open Water portion of this program.

Class Forms

Below you will find links to REQUIRED class forms. These forms must be reviewed in their entirety before participating in any ECDivers in-water program. Arrival to class with incomplete documents may result in a forfeiture of that class date. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the class forms please email our training department at