React Right (first aid, cpr, o2 admin.)

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React Right is our emergency training program, consisting of the following basic components: Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and includes Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies and Automated External Defibrillation Basics. Students who complete this program earn the SSI React Right specialty certification.

Specialized for diving emergencies East Coast Divers React Right course is something every diver should be trained in. Three of the most important aspects of a successful in water rescue, especially for a scuba diver, are the ability to provide proper first aid, basic life support, and oxygen administration. Our course teaches you these three important subjects with an in-water emergency in mind. Our diver and aquatic-focused program was designed by scuba groups to integrate into diver training programs seamlessly. Often a first aid course is merely a general application of techniques. Our first aid course focuses on the world of aquatic emergencies to give you the most specialized training available in the world of diving. We give real examples of real situations and explain to you how the environment will change your behavior as the person providing support.

Before Class

Before attending your class you will need to complete some paperwork. The links to the documents are under the “Class Forms” section of this page. These forms must be completed prior to your session and contain important information.

This class also has a helpful online training component hosted by SSI. Please complete your online training prior to your classroom session. If you have not already registered with SSI, look for an email from You can access online training materials, certification cards, and more at or the MySSI app on your iPhone or Android.

If you have any questions give us a call at the store on 617-277-2216 or shoot us an email

  • 16 Years or older
  • Eligible for divers and non-divers alike.

If you can’t make any of the prescheduled times you can always book a private! Depending on which courses and how many people are going to take it the prices can vary.

Pricing Schedule 02 admin only

1 person: $200 Total- $200 per person 3 People: $540 Total – $180 per person
2 People: $360 Total – $180 per person 4 People: $720 Total – $180 per person


Pricing Schedule Full

1 person: $295 Total- $295 per person 3 People: $796.5 Total – $265.5 per person
2 People: $531 Total – $265.5 per person 4 People: $1062 Total – $265.5 per person


This course is completely dry so the only equipment you’ll need is a pen and paper and an A+ go-getter attitude!

  • Six (6 hours of First Aid / Physiology, CPR, O2 Administration & AED training.
  • All academic sessions and online training
  • React Right final exam with a passing score of at least 80%
  • Situationally developed scenario training utilizing medical training aids.
  • React Right certification qualifies the holder to act as a first responder in medical emergencies similar to their training for a period of two years after the certification is issued. Recertification is recommended after the two years.
  • Certified React Right divers may use the React Right certification to fulfill the prerequisites for the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue certification, and all SSI professional training programs
  • Maximum of twelve (12) students per instructor

Oxygen Administration Stand-Alone Course

If you already maintain a current CPR, First aid and AED certification through another facility or agency we can also teach the Oxygen Administration program as a stand-alone course. This situation sometimes arises when a First Aid, CPR, AED certification is obtained through work or other means. Most home and office-based programs do not include an Oxygen Admin section since it really is specialized to aquatic emergencies. In this case, we still recommend taking the full program to cross certify since ours is built for divers but it is not absolutely necessary. Dive professionals are required to stay current in First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen Admin and it is HIGHLY recommended for Technical divers. Home and office-based programs do meet these requirements and recommendations.

Our stand-alone Oxygen Admin course run for one (1) to one and a half  (1.5) hours. You can register for this program, or the full program, here as well.