Scuba Skills Update (Refresher)

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Refreshers are scheduled on demand. Please complete the "Refresher Signup Form" to schedule a course.

The East Coast Divers Refresher is designed to help divers build the comfort and confidence they need to get back in the water safely after a brief hiatus. No matter what agency you used for your original training, this SSI Scuba Skill Update program provides you with the opportunity to review and practice the basic scuba skills that you learned in your original open water diver training program.

Most dive destinations will require a refresher course to be completed by any diver who hasn’t been on Scuba for a year or more. The course may also be required for continuing your diving training after a long period of time away from the sport. All divers will benefit from a refresher to shake the rust off or adjust new equipment before dive travel. This program will help any certified diver get their confidence back by reviewing skills taught in basic open water classes as well as refining buoyancy control and trim. Anything you might want to work on or think needs practice will be addressed as well.

Our refreshers are done on a private basis, which allows our instructors the flexibility to work with you to identify your session goals and help you leave feeling confident in your scuba abilities.  The cost is $300 for a 3 hour session and include online training, all scuba equipment (BC, tank, weights, regulator) and 3 hours with an instructor for your group (1-4 divers).

To Schedule a Refresher, please complete the form below:

Refresher Signup

This form will be used to gather information helpful in scheduling Scuba Skill Update/refresher classes starting in Spring 2021.
    How would you like to be contacted
  • Please provide the certification level (Open Water, AdvancedOW, Divemaster, etc.), the certifying agency (SSI, SDI/TDI, PADI, NAUI, etc) and certification number from your highest level of certification.
  • Please enter the year you were originally certified to dive.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
    Please enter the approximate number of dives you've logged in the past. This information will be confirmed during your session and displayed on your Scuba Skill Update documentation.
  • Do you need a general skill review? Help with your weighting and buoyancy control? An equipment review?
  • If you need your refresher completed for a particular dive or trip, please share any important deadlines.
    By checking "I Agree" I acknowledge that without a clean 'Medical Statement' or a 'Physicians Approval to Dive' form signed by an M.D. I will be unable to participate in in-water activities.

Before Class

Before attending your class you will need to complete some paperwork. The forms will be emailed to you for your review and can be completed by DocuSign prior to your class.

Before enrolling in a class, you should take time to read and review the Diver Medical Statement Participant Questionnaire. The first page has If you have any YES answers on that page, review the associated section on the Diver Medical Statement | Participant Questionnaire Continued. If you have any YES responses on this form – you’ll just need to get a doctors’ sign-off on the Physicians Approval to Dive form before you can participate in ANY in-water activities. It’s important to note if a physician’s signature is required, only a medical doctor’s (MD) signature will be accepted.

This class also has a helpful online training component hosted by SSI. If you have not already registered with SSI, look for an email from You can access online training materials, certification cards, and more at or the MySSI app on your iPhone or Android.

Click here to register:SSI - Scuba Schools International - - Register Now

If you have any questions give us a call at the store on 617-277-2216 or shoot us an email

  • 10 years or older
  • Clear medical history or MD sign-off if necessary
  • Be at least Open Water Diver certified (or equivalent from another recognized agency).
  • Present certification card and, if available, logbook at the session.

Are you unable to make our Sunday pool sessions and need to schedule a refresher another day? We can put together a private pool rental refresher session for you! The cost for a refresher with pool rental is $450 for up to 4 divers. This includes pool rental costs, online training, scuba equipment (tanks, weights, BCs, regulators) and 3 hours with an instructor.

Students are advised to utilize as much of their own equipment as possible. East Coast Divers can provide a total diving system but students must provide masks and fins. Owning this fit sensitive gear will create a much more enjoyable and productive experience. By using the gear that you own you will benefit from increased familiarity with the equipment and your instructor may be able to assist you with minor system adjustments or important service recommendations. If you do need us to provide scuba gear please notify the shop so we can provide you with everything you need in the proper sizing.

If you are interested in purchasing any of your own gear, we have everything you will need available in the shop! We offer a 10% off discount for refreshers purchasing mask, fins and snorkels for their sessions! We also offer affordable vacation rental gear packages with high-quality equipment and rent-to-own opportunities. Stop by to meet with one of our product specialists for a personal fitting!

  • One 3-hour session in the pool.
  • Online training materials from SSI accessible though the MySSI app or
  • Use of all scuba gear (Except bathing suit and towel) - Contacts or a corrective mask are recommended for those needing vision correction. Students must provide mask/fins for the session. A 10% discount is available for refresher students purchasing equipment for a refresher session at our retail store.
  • Internationally trained/certified instructor.
  • Review of selected and requested skills.
  • Instructor sign-off on your logbook upon request.
  • After this course, you'll receive the SSI Scuba Skill Update digital recognition card (available in the MySSI app).

Class Forms

Below you will find links to REQUIRED class forms. These forms must be reviewed in their entirety before participating in any ECDivers in-water program. Arrival to class with incomplete documents may result in a forfeiture of that class date. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the class forms please email our training department at