Boat Diving

We have some of the best boat diving locations on the East Coast

We LOVE Boat Diving! No sand, no walking with gear on, friendly crews and access to amazing sites, what’s not to love? We use some of the best dive charters in the area to offer an array of sites, vessels, conditions and prices. Click on the category tabs to check out what we have available for each kind of charter and to sign up!

*NEW FOR 2020*  Female Friday Summer charters! Skip out of work early on a Friday afternoon to join us for a women only charter. Meet new dive buddies, explore Boston Harbor dive sites and if you’re inclined, bring home some lobster for dinner!

Discovery Diving

Come Discover what’s in New England’s waters (Seals)! These dives are known for the high rate of seals that come to hang out with the divers! You Might even be lucky enough to pet the famed Phinneas!

Scallop Diving

Dive for your dinner! These will be the freshest scallops you’ve ever eaten PLUS diving in the ocean is way more fun than walking through a fish market.

What’s Included

Boat charters include transportation to the dive site and boat crew to give briefings about the dive site and assist divers with gear and getting in and out of the water. New England charters do not generally include an in water guide, although there may be ECD staff on the dive to dive with. To ensure an in water guide for any boat charter, please contact us about hiring one of our staff.

Divers will need to bring all scuba gear (including tanks and weights) required for a charter.

Charter Policies

Spots on charters can be booked online or by calling the shop. We are only able to reserve charter spaces with full payment. Once charter spots are booked, they are non-refundable. If there is a waiting list for the charter, and we are able to fill a cancelled spot with a customer on the wait list, we will issue a refund in the form of the original payment. Charter fees cannot be refunded due to late arrivals or no shows.

Payments for charters cancelled by boat captains due to weather or mechanical issues will be refunded by ECD. Due to the nature of charter boat schedules we are not able to reschedule cancelled recreational charters. When course related charters are cancelled, we will make every effort to reschedule a charter or find an alternative for conducting the course dives

Boat captains will make every effort to go to the scheduled charter sites, but may need to go to alternate sites due to weather or other factors. If the site changes result in diving standard sites vs more specialized ones (ie, staying inshore when a Stallwagen charter was scheduled) the difference in price will be refunded by ECD.

Due to covid 19, charter boat seats are currently limited in number to follow state guidelines and allow for proper social distancing. As we move into new phases and restrictions on group sizes change, new spots may open up, so keep an eye on availability!

Some of the boats we charter include:

  • Down Under Diving Ventures with Cpt. Fran Linnehan
  • Cape Ann Diver II with Cpt Jon Morneau
  • Boston Scuba aboard the Keepah with Cpt Jim Sullivan
  • Snappa with Cpt. Charlie Donnelin